Treat Yourself To A Stunning Smile Makeover In Bristol

If you’ve ever watched lifestyle or makeover programmes on television, you will have seen the difference a smile makeover can make to somebody’s appearance, as well as their confidence. We offer a bespoke smile makeover service to assess your needs and preferences, design and create your ideal smile and enhance your looks.

Each smile makeover is different because we all have different dental and cosmetic needs and varying ideas of what constitutes as the perfect smile. This is why the smile design stage is so important and why we encourage our patients to get involved, show us pictures and describe exactly the kind of look they want to achieve when treatment is complete.

How do you choose which treatments go into a smile makeover?

This is the really fun part when you design your smile and we go through the treatment options and decide which techniques would be best to achieve your dream smile. Everyone has different ideas and goals and all patients start from a different place; some people have greater needs than others and patients need different types of treatment. A patient who has chipped, worn teeth and a missing tooth, for example, will have different needs to a client who has crooked, crowded teeth and a gummy smile. We explore the different options and make recommendations based on the information we have about your smile, your oral health status and your treatment goals and select the best treatments for you. We will also chat to you about treatment times and cost, as these are other factors which may influence your decisions.

How long does treatment take?

Once we have completed the consultation stage, we can start treatment. Treatment time varies wildly, as some treatments take much longer than others. many of the simpler treatments such as cosmetic bonding, white fillings, gum reshaping and express whitening, can be completed in an hour, but orthodontic treatment and some restorative techniques take a lot longer.

Our most popular smile makeover treatments

Our most popular makeover treatments include:
• tooth whitening
• restorative treatment, including porcelain crowns and white fillings
• dental bridges and dental implants
• veneers
• cosmetic bonding
• cosmetic braces