Turning around Gum Disease in Swindon

Gum disease is a killer in Swindon for the body and for the teeth. Essentially, once the gums become infected so does the blood and over a sustained period of time, can lead to the breakdown of the important organs in the body such as the heart, liver and kidneys; of course it can also lead to tooth loss. But it also can be stopped and in some cases reversed. Most severe cases may require surgery at the dentist that entails bone and gum grafting, lesser cases can be solved with pocket cleaning around the gums and deep scaling. But really the problem is solved in the home; obvious initial answers are the methods we employ to clean our teeth on a daily basis, brushing, flossing, mouthwashes, etc, though if the disease has set in, it may more than just a normal oral hygiene program to remedy the problem. The disease has been linked quite strongly to diabetes, smoking, stress, diet and deficiencies of vitamin c and d in our diets. All of these should be addressed, by seeking professional help before the problem of the disease can be remedied, then its back home again to tackle it on your own again. Many dentists are recognizing the value of natural solutions such as the soothing qualities of cranberry juice and herbal remedies such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and clove oil that readdress the imbalance in the gums, making the blood flow again around the teeth and helping them to regenerate.