Weston-super-Mare dentists help parents to look after the teeth of their children

For concerned parents up and down the country, it is very important that they are making sure that their children’s teeth are kept in the best of health. Anyone who had poor oral hygiene conditions as a youth will be all too aware that problems which spring up during childhood can have an effect which last a life time. In consultation with your Weston-super-Mare dentist, you can ensure that your child has healthy teeth by following some simple advice.

Infant teeth undergo a period of development whereby the milk teeth will be lost and the wisdom teeth come through later. But really, children’s teeth are little different to adult teeth and are under threat in the same way from the same potentially damaging factors. Just like adults, children ought to be brushing their teeth at least twice a day and should make the same dietary choices that will lead to good oral health.

The difficult aspect of this is that children will sometimes need a great deal of encouragement to take care of their teeth. Indeed, until they are a certain age, children will need a degree of help in order to physically brush their well. Once they are old enough to do so effectively, the important thing is to monitor their tooth brushing so that they are doing it adequately. Sometimes, incentives work well in making sure that dental health becomes part of a regular routine.

Fluoride should be used in the tooth paste of children, apart from when they are under two years of age. This is really important is it will help to strengthen the enamel on the teeth for the future.