Though many of us may think of snoring as a mere nuisance this is actually a problem that can have devastating effects on a person's life. It can cause strain in a relationship or contribute to disturbed sleep patterns. Most people tend to snore infrequently and this is usually caused by coughs, colds or their sleeping position but some people snore on a daily basis and this may be a result of being overweight, allergies or problems concerning the nasal passage.

What can be done?
In many cases, snoring will subside once a person recovers from an illness or changes their sleeping position. However, in cases where an individual snores on a regular basis, treatment may be required. At Clifton Dental Studio, we have found Somnowell to be of excellent use in the treatment of snoring.


Somnowell have developed a range of revolutionary long-term treatments for snoring and other conditions, including sleep apnoea, TMJ and teeth grinding. It is the aim of the Somnowell device to restore peaceful nights by holding the lower jaw in the "recovery position" - the position that best facilitates breathing by keeping the airway in the optimum position.

The Somnowell device is a Mandibular Advancement Appliance. However, unlike other devices, it creates space for the tongue and promotes good oral health because it is impervious to bacteria and fungi. The Somnowell device is also designed to last a lifetime and will look much the same and function in exactly the same manner years after it is first purchased. The appliance is made from cast chrome-cobalt alloy which is durable and hard-wearing.

The Somnowell anti-snoring treatment device has been designed with comfort and anatomical positioning in mind. It takes the individual's jaw joint into account and, as a result, is proven to be highly effective in the treatment of jaw pain. The device has been designed in conjunction with advice and input from specialists and feedback from patients has been very positive.

Clifton Smiles are a Platinum Somnowell Partner.

If you would like to find out more about our Bristol anti-snoring treatments, then please call the practice on 0117 973 1910 to book a consultation.


"Thank you so much Dr Gerrard and the team at the Studio for all your attention, advice and care.

I have been a long sufferer of sleep apnoea, I have been to my doctors and been referred to the sleep clinic to help me get a better night’s sleep. I have been using the C pap which is a device which fits over the nose. It is uncomfortable to wear and I had just given up doing anything about it. A friend recommend that I research the product Somnowell. I really did not think that anything could be done. I live in Bristol and Clifton Dental Studio was offering a FREE consultation to come along to discuss my concerns. I went along thinking I will try anything. The staff were very helpful as I was very nervous. Dr Gerrard explained what he could do and I took the plunge.

I found the first couple of nights a bit complicated when trying to fit it but it was really quite straightforward once you got the hang of it. I can honestly say it has changed my life. No more big appliance! I am now sleeping more deeply. I would definitely really recommend it to my family, friends and anyone who suffers from this condition- you must try it! You will need to persevere with it at the beginning but over time it will get so much better.

Thank you Neil and Team”

Susan Lennon - 2015

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