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Is fear of the dentist ruining your smile?

Are you petrified of the dentist?

Do you feel sick, experience palpitations or get sweaty palms at the mere thought of dental treatment?

Have you ever missed a dental appointment because of uncontrollable fear?

Or perhaps you attend appointments but feel anxious the entire time?

If so, you are not alone.

According to recent figures published by the Adult Dental Health Survey:

  • Over a third of adults have moderate dental anxiety
  • A little over one in ten adults have extreme dental anxiety.

So, with dental anxiety such a common issue, how do you overcome it?

The good news is that, here at Clifton Dental Studio, we help those with dental anxiety all the time. We enable them to overcome that fear and get the treatment they need to restore their dental health and often their self-confidence too.

Read these inspirational stories from recent clients who successfully overcame their dental anxiety and restored their smiles...

Deborah's Story

Deborah CooperFrom the age of about eight years old, after I broke my front tooth and got my first crown, I had hated my smile and was convinced I looked awful. Quite separate to this, I also developed a morbid fear of the dentist during my teens which just got worse and worse!

The result of these two things was that I avoided visiting the dentist whenever possible, and eventually found myself in my early 50’s, with a crown that had moved, with teeth that had all moved out of line, and bad gum disease – but it seemed no matter how bad my mouth looked, it seemed preferable to a visit to the dentist.

I started to realise I needed to do something about this problem, and so did some investigations via the Dental Phobia organisation. After investigating several recommended practices, I chose Clifton Dental Studio – why? – Because they were immediately sympathetic and understanding of my fears, and invited me to visit the surgery and talk things over with Amanda and Dr Neil Gerrard.

For the first time I felt like they might be able to help.

From the moment I got to the surgery, I was treated sympathetically, and with care – and ever since, the team have been considerate of my feelings. Dr Gerrard took care to examine my teeth, explaining that, as I thought, there were a lot of problems to overcome, but it was all possible and treatable. I decided to go with the fast-acting Inman Aligners on my upper and lower teeth, which would be followed by new veneers and a crown on my upper teeth, and whitening on my lower teeth, with the option of two implants later (which I am now in the middle of treatment).

WOW!! – I don’t think I realised just how much better my smile could become. I underwent some very long hygiene sessions, and learnt from Carrie-Ann how to look after my teeth properly (and my gums). The Inman Aligner was amazing – straightening my gappy and crooked teeth in just ten weeks! I then had the new crown and veneers fitted, and my new smile makes me feel incredible!

I am not exaggerating when I say that having this treatment has changed both my self-image and my life in general. I hadn’t realised how much I had been effected by not feeling free to smile and laugh when I wanted to. After so many years of anguish, it took a little while to adjust to this freedom, but now I find myself laughing more and feeling happier. This has also affected the way in which others react to me too.

I don’t know how I thought I would feel about the treatment when I started on this journey, but I can honestly say that the effects and benefits have been immeasurable. I cannot thank Neil and the team at Clifton Dental Studio enough. Not only do I now not fear the dentist – I actually to look forward to it!!

I do wish I had had the courage to do this years ago – but at the same time I am glad I took the time and trouble to research both the treatment and the care on offer before choosing my dentist. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Thank you !

Deborah Cooper, Bristol

Karen's Story

Karfen SilvelI had a phobia of going to a dentist at a young age; I was in fact terrified of going!

I researched on the internet and found Clifton Dental Studio. I liked all the reviews and the before and after photos, which were genuine and all of real people like me.

I was so nervous, but I made the giant step and booked my consultation with their Treatment Coordinator. We had a good talk about how I felt in my job which was modelling and how this concern had an impact on my day to day assignments. I needed that Wow smile; being able to smile and not look moody as I did not want to show my teeth.

Not only was I petrified of treatment, but eating was also difficult. I wanted to eat as a normal person and choose all my favourite foods from the menu. Drastic action was needed. I hated my smile and wanted it to be change.

I felt very scared at the beginning as this was going to be a long journey. I am not going to say it was not uncomfortable at the time but in my head I knew the end result would be amazing. I did opt for sedation which helped me through the long appointments, and really did make all the difference.

I feel that this changed my life, I cannot stop smiling - to the extent that my friends can see an added confidence in me, resulting in increased bookings with the modelling agency. My friends have asked me what I have changed; my hair or have I lost weight? When I say, they cannot believe it.

I would recommend both sedation and the treatment to all my friends and colleagues most highly. Take the plunge - it’s worth it, trust me.

If I can do it you can too, and you won’t believe the transformation you will experience!

Karen Sivell, Bristol

Whether used in isolation or as combined therapy, the following four techniques will help virtually anyone overcome their fear of dental treatment. They consist of:

All these techniques are guaranteed to make your trips to the dentist fearless!

If you have finally summoned up the courage to tackle your fear of the dentist, then one or a combination of these treatments will enable you to achieve the healthy smile you have always dreamed of. Additional information and help is available from a number of sources, including books, such as “There is No Perfect Dentist”, available to purchase online now at Amazon, or directly from Clifton Dental Studio.

Experience Fear Free Dentistry Now - Guaranteed

A range of options are now available at the Clifton Dental Studio to help even the most fearful individuals undergo treatment. From our desensitisation treatments to our sedation service, we guarantee complete comfort during your entire visit.