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Patient Success Stories

Pain Free Gum Lift Treatment For Nicola


“I Wanted Braces To Perfect My Smile”


“Really Happy, Really Pleased” Says Veneers Patient Jody


Now My Teeth Look Awesome, It’s Made A Massive Difference


2 Of My Friends Came Here For Braces And Said It’s The Best Thing They’ve Ever Done


No More Gaps In Her Front Teeth For Georgia


I Had Enlighten Whitening And Its Been Amazing, Life Changing


I’ve Used This Dental Practice For As Long As I Can Remember


“I’m Really Happy, Thank You So Much” says Braces Patient Eduardo


Bridgette Is Ready To Start Her Whitening Journey


It Was An Easy Experience And I’m Really Happy With The Results


Sam Starts Her Straight Teeth Transformation Today!


Stress Free, Worry Free Sedation Dentistry For Children


“It Boosted My Confidence Massively” Says Whitening Winner Megan


“Happy With The Results Which Is Impressive As I’m Only Halfway Through”


Natalie Is Shocked To See Her New Smile, Without The Gap


“Looks Brilliant, Amazing, Thank You So Much” Says Jude


Suzie Is Lost For Words After Her Cosmetic Bonding Treatment


Jill Didn’t Recognise Her Smile After Her Braces Were Removed


Rachel Will Be Smiling All Day On Her Wedding


Clear, Clean And Fresh Looking Teeth For Catherine


“I Completely Forgot I Had Braces On” Says Estelle


“Amazing, Wow, Absolutely Brilliant” Says Liam


“Andy Sees His New Smile For The First Time”


“Tanya Has A Tooth Rebuilt Following An Accident”


“Pain Free Teeth Straightening For Rachel”


“I Can’t Believe It, They’re So White” Says Sian After Having Her Braces Removed


“It was Pain Free, And I’m Really Happy” Says Summer

“No More Gaps In Her Teeth For Ann”


“Alison See Her New Smile For The First Time”


“Wow, It’s Just So Different” Says Braces Patient Sam


“I Can Smile Properly At The Wedding” Says Dan


“Oh My God They Are Amazing… They’re Fab, Thank You” Says


“Oh My Goodness. They Look Amazing” Says Braces Patient Linda


“Oh, My God. They Don’t Look Like My Teeth” Says Lauren


“Nim Is Excited To See Her Straight New Smile”


“Katy See Her New Smile For The First Time”


“No More Gaps For Liam After His Bonding Treatment”


“Ash Is So Happy She Had Her Braces Treatment”


“I Can’t Believe That’s My Teeth” Says Braces Patient Sarah


“*pain free whilst achieving exceptional end results”

The quality of care and service provided by Clifton Dental Studio over the past two and a half years can only be described as unrivalled and perfection.

The practice as a whole is extremely professional with all staff members very friendly and welcoming; from the second you walk in to the moment you leave, it actually feels a privilege to be in their company.

Regardless of treatment required, everything is explained in detail in an educational manner, with each appointment being *pain free whilst achieving exceptional end results.

I’m not one to make recommendations or conduct reviews, except Clifton Dental Studio have exceeded my expectations and therefore fully justify my comments – thank you

Lewis Baker

“I Had Conscious Sedation To Have My Dental Implants”


“The results have been life changing”

I was very impressed with the treatment experience, the whole team were very competent and courteous and instilled confidence in the treatment choice I made.

I found the Clifton Dental Studio while researching on line for dental implants for denture wearers. I was impressed with their website, the information pack I received and the overall professional approach, accreditations and awards held by the team. The on-site dental technician facility was also a positive advantage I felt. The initial consultation gave me sufficient confidence to embark on the treatment and put myself in Neil and Paul’s hands.

I thought the implant solution to the problem of poor fit and retention of my lower denture looked very promising. The problem had severely affected my ability to bite and chew and after many years putting up with a variety of adhesives and the like I wanted a more reliable and sophisticated solution, however my options were becoming fewer as time passed by.

I had no issues with my dental health or smile before the treatment except where caused by the loose fitting lower denture, the effects of which were frequent, unpleasant and embarrassing.

I was very impressed with the treatment experience, the whole team were very competent and courteous and instilled confidence in the treatment choice I made. The results have been life changing for me, as I was assured they would be.

I am delighted with the results and only wish I had been able to have this treatment years ago. I have no dental health problems now and am much more confident and smiling as much as possible.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Clifton Dental Studio to my friends and family.I felt at ease on my appointments and found all of the staff to be so helpful and kind and very supportive. 

“I’ve Been Delighted With The Results”


“I was finding it hard to eat certain foods”

I chose Clifton Dental Studio because after investigating online I found the reports and treatment they offered were first class. Due to losing my right and left upper back teeth I was finding it hard to eat certain foods which was putting a strain on my front teeth. Also, I was aware I had lost my smile. I realised that something had to be done.

After my consultation with Neil and finding out what was available I felt relaxed and at ease and decided to have implants.

I told Neil that I was of a nervous disposition but he assured me not to worry and I can honestly say all through my treatment I did not experience any pain or stress. I felt at ease on my appointments and found all of the staff to be so helpful and kind and very supportive. If I had known this before I would have sought help sooner.

After my treatment I could not believe how good my teeth are. After a long time not being able to eat correctly it was a joy not to have that worry about certain foods, also I have my smile back. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Clifton Dental Studio, all I can say is you will be put at ease, given excellent service and be in good hands from start to finish.

I want to say a big thank you Neil, you gave me back my confidence and smile.

Mrs Beverley Morrow – Burnham on Sea

Karen’s Story: I had a phobia of going to a dentist at a young age; I was in fact terrified of going!

Patient Success StoriesI researched on the internet and found Clifton Dental Studio. I liked all the reviews and the before and after photos, which were genuine and all of real people like me.

I was so nervous, but I made the giant step and booked my consultation with their Treatment Coordinator. We had a good talk about how I felt in my job which was modelling and how this concern had an impact on my day to day assignments. I needed that Wow smile; being able to smile and not look moody as I did not want to show my teeth.

Not only was I petrified of treatment, but eating was also difficult. I wanted to eat as a normal person and choose all my favourite foods from the menu. Drastic action was needed. I hated my smile and wanted it to be changed.

I felt very scared at the beginning as this was going to be a long journey. I am not going to say it was not uncomfortable at the time but in my head I knew the end result would be amazing. I did opt for sedation which helped me through the long appointments, and really did make all the difference.

I feel that this changed my life, I cannot stop smiling – to the extent that my friends can see an added confidence in me, resulting in increased bookings with the modelling agency. My friends have asked me what I have changed; my hair or have I lost weight? When I say, they cannot believe it.

I would recommend both sedation and the treatment to all my friends and colleagues most highly. Take the plunge – it’s worth it, trust me.

If I can do it you can too, and you won’t believe the transformation you will experience!

Karen Sivell, Bristol

Deborah’s Story: I avoided visiting the dentist whenever possible

Patient Success StoriesFrom the age of about eight years old, after I broke my front tooth and got my first crown, I had hated my smile and was convinced I looked awful. Quite separate to this, I also developed a morbid fear of the dentist during my teens which just got worse and worse!

I avoided visiting the dentist whenever possible, but it seemed no matter how bad my mouth looked, it seemed preferable to a visit to the dentist.

I started to realise I needed to do something about this problem, and so did some investigations. I chose Clifton Dental Studio. They were immediately sympathetic and understanding of my fears, and invited me to visit the surgery and talk things over with Amanda and Dr Neil Gerrard.

I was treated sympathetically, and with care – and ever since, the team have been considerate of my feelings. I decided to go with the fast-acting Inman Aligners which would be followed by new veneers and a crown on my upper teeth, and whitening on my lower teeth, with the option of two implants later.

I don’t think I realised just how much better my smile could become. I am not exaggerating when I say that having this treatment has changed both my self-image and my life in general. I hadn’t realised how much I had been effected by not feeling free to smile and laugh when I wanted to.

I cannot thank Neil and the team at Clifton Dental Studio enough. Not only do I now not fear the dentist – I actually do look forward to it!!

I am glad I took the time and trouble to research both the treatment and the care on offer before choosing my dentist. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Thank you !

Deborah Cooper, Bristol

“I no longer have to cover my smile or worry”

I chose Clifton Dental Studio after researching the south west area and it was definitely the best decision. Everyone in the dental studio are friendly and helpful and I was instantly put at ease. The whole team was brilliant and working towards the best outcome for me.

After years of being very unhappy about my teeth and with my son’s wedding approaching, I knew that I wanted to improve the look of my teeth for this special occasion. The result after only a few months of wearing a brace was amazing and I no longer have to cover my smile or worry because I now have the smile I want. I would recommend this dental studio to anyone who is unhappy with their teeth or scared of dental treatment.

The care and attention received from the highly qualified staff is excellent. Some of my family will be going there for treatment because they have seen what they have done for me.


“Oh Wow, They Look So Real” Says Veneers Patient Sadie


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“freshly whitened, yet natural looking smile”

Highly recommend Clifton smiles to everyone. Absolutely fantastic group of girls that work in there, had a great experience and the results are amazing!

I’m more than happy to show off my freshly whitened, yet natural looking, smile. If I ever need/want any other treatment I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Alex Giltrow

“great job at making you feel comfortable”

I had my first appointment here recently after problems with my previous dentist and was certainly pleased with my choice.

The appointment was longer than what I’ve been previously used to, but the dental staff were much more thorough and attentive than I’ve had previously, which was fantastic. It makes a nice change to not feel like you’re being rushed through a tight appointment window!

The staff are all very pleasant and do a great job at making you feel comfortable.

Rick Donohoe

“quality, care, kindness and professionalism is second to none”

After having major issues with my teeth from both a cosmetic and practical, and extensive research I came across Neil Gerrard. I had a real fear of dentists and treatments. It’s been a long year of treatments, but I now have a smile I’m proud of, and confidence I haven’t seen in years.

I can honestly say that the quality, care, kindness and professionalism is second to none, and they even give me a blanket to keep warm. I will never consider going anywhere else. Thank you, Neil and team.

Louise Constable

“They have transformed my teeth”

I have been with Clifton Dental Studio for many years. They have transformed my teeth, and those of my daughter, and their focus on oral hygiene has helped ensure that I have had very few problems since joining the practice.

The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and professional and will always do their best for you. Notwithstanding that I now live 80 miles away, I have not even considered using another practice – that is how highly I regard them!

Simon Rose

“always been met and treated by friendly, welcoming and professional staff”

I’ve been using Clifton Dental studio for many years and have always been met and treated by friendly, welcoming and professional staff. Typical of my experience was the appointment I had today with Carrie-Anne Paul, one of the team of dental hygienists, and Dr Neil Gerrard.

I received expert care as always with clear, helpful advice on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums. My thanks to Carrie-Anne and Neil and to Julie, Fiona and Siobhan in the Welcome Suite.

Richard Lacey

“I Smiled With My Mouth Shut As I Hated My Smile”


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If you’d like to know more about the treatments that we offer, why not come along for a Complimentary Consultation today. Give us a call On 0117 405 8154 or pop your details into the form at the bottom of the page


“they will be my dentists for as long as I’m in the West Country”

For the last few years my teeth had become darker in colour. I hadn’t been to a dentist in 10 years and probably needed a good service regardless. I’ve always said that I wanted to get teeth whitening at some point but there are so many practices that offer a glowing smile! So, it’s tough to find somewhere that piques your interest.

Somewhere you can trust aren’t going to slap you with big bills and just want to be honest. After researching in both London & Bristol for the best practice I came across Clifton Dental Studio and it seemed I was onto a winner. Multiple accolades to show their experience and success. Exactly what I was looking for!

It was a natural progression just to enquire initially – the first call I had was really helpful, going through all the options I had at my disposal. I booked in for a consultation and was obviously slightly nervous but the girls on the front desk calmed me down with their bubbly personalities and white smiles! The consultation itself was very simple and informative. I asked for an honest opinion and I wasn’t over sold on the top enlighten whitening they had to offer – I was actually told that the cheaper option was still just as sufficient but offering a guarantee of whiteness swayed me to go for the best they had to offer!

I saw a hygienist a week later who gave my teeth a really good clean up with loads of positive advice on maintaining healthy teeth & gums which I am doing every single day now. It’s genuinely changing my life and wish I did it a lot sooner. Don’t be afraid of it, you only get one set of nashers so don’t neglect them!
Dentist chairs are the bane of most of our lives but the whole experience so far has got me excited to come back in for further appointments and to see the whole team again.

Now, they will be my dentists for as long as I’m in the West Country!

Daniel Houssein

“the service, care and expertise is first class”

In my moment of need, within half an hour of smashing my teeth out on the pavement, I was being cared for by Neil and his team at Clifton Dental Studio. I was wrapped in a blanket in a quiet treatment room and Neil made himself immediately available for my care. I felt safe and cared for as Neil rebuilt my teeth, my smile and my confidence.

Without doubt his efficient, expertise and kindness minimised my trauma and has facilitated amazing healing. Thank you to Neil and all the team – the service, care and expertise is first class, I highly recommend you all.

Teresa Gard

“Needless to say but he did an amazing job on my smile”

When I was younger I fell out of a tree and chipped my front tooth, over the years my tooth darkened as it was dead, so when I saved up enough money I decided to get it fixed and I found Neil through the Internet.

I was very impressed with Neil’s qualifications and experience so decided to go with him. Needless to say but he did an amazing job on my smile and the after care is second to none.

I have now been with the practice for 9 years and love how the whole team looks after me, I even look forward to my yearly hygiene appointment with Heather as my teeth come out feeling brand new. I would recommend anyone to use this dental practice as it is A star.

Hieu Chao

“I now travel from Brighton to receive this top quality care”

I have been visiting Clifton Dental Studio for the past two years. The whole team at Clifton Dental Studio are fantastic and have transformed my smile.

I was very anxious before starting my extensive treatment but I was reassured at every stage and I cannot fault the service and care I received. In fact, I am so thrilled with the care that I now travel from Brighton to receive this top quality care! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Fern Baldock

“It has restored my faith in dentists”

I’ve had work undertaken by Clifton Dental Studio to rectify the many problems with my upper teeth which had impacted on my self-confidence. I thought I might be of the wrong age (over 60) but no age limit applies. From the start, where you are given all the practical solutions to the treatment on offer, that is tailor made for you.

To the actual treatment itself right through to the aftercare all of which has been extremely professional. It has restored my faith in dentists (used to be scared) and I can happily smile again. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Alan Kelly

“I’ve got nothing but great compliments since having them done”

I had lots of consultations at various Dentists’ across Bristol and each one told me they were unable to carry out the treatment that I wanted. Determined not to be defeated, I began my search again, when I can came across Changing Faces at Clifton Dental Studio.

I contacted them immediately and was invited in for a consultation the following week to meet with Paul Gerrard. I discussed with him exactly what I wanted and I was so happy when he advised he could help me. I had spent years hating my teeth and now I finally could do something about them!

The process was great from start to finish and everything was explained clearly which made me feel very comfortable. Since having the treatment I feel much more confident within myself and when talking to other people. I’ve got nothing but great compliments since having them done and I’m very pleased with the end result. I’ve already recommend Paul to my friends and family and will continue to do so.

Paul Davey

Here Are A Selection Of Reviews From Our Happy Clients


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If you’d like to know more about the treatments that we offer, why not come along for a Complimentary Consultation today. Give us a call On 0117 405 8154 or pop your details into the form at the bottom of the page


“The results were phenomenal, and it changed me as a person”

Clifton Dental Studio stood out head and shoulders above the rest. After looking at other adverts and talking to dentists, none of them convinced me like this one. With all the awards Paul had achieved, I just knew he could give me the results I was looking for.

I was very self-conscious about my smile and it was making my life a misery, not smiling in photos and avoiding talking to people was a living hell so I decided enough is enough. The whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish, with extremely friendly and happy staff who made me feel very comfortable.

The results were phenomenal, and it changed me as a person giving me back all my confidence. Everybody has commented on how good the results are and I am truly pleased. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clifton Dental Studio, Paul and all the staff to anybody thinking of having work done.


“Both Paul and Neil have given me my confidence back to smile again”

I had many bad experiences with other practices and was really not impressed with what treatment they advised and overall end result I was presented with. I was looking to improve the appearance of my smile and open to all options that would allow me to achieve the best results. I did not feel good about my smile and had no confidence before I came to the Studio.

Everyone is excellent, it’s refreshing, and I feel I am paying for want I want for my teeth and future look. Both Paul and Neil have given me my confidence back to smile again. I’ve had lots of my friends comment on how different I look (in a good way.) My experience has been good and I would recommend to friends.

Irene Alden

“Implant Retained Dentures Were A Very Big Success”


“Thank you to each of you for giving me my smile and confidence back”

As a teenager I had a road traffic accident in which I chipped my front teeth. At the time the chips were not too bad however it was considered at the time to have crowns. From that moment I became increasingly paranoid and hated my smile. My gum line was out of line and the crowns were awful. It affected my confidence hugely.

It took me a considerable amount of time to find confidence in a local cosmetic dentistry who would not charge thousands of pounds for a poor job. My previous experience proved this and it was difficult. I came across Clifton Dental Studio by chance and researched them thoroughly before making a call. My initial thoughts were that I really liked the look of this Dental practice and could be exactly what I was looking for.

I had an initial consultation with Dr Neil Gerrard who carried out a thorough examination and made recommendations in what he could do to help me. I found him to be very passionate in his job and I felt he really cared about how he can improve my smile and more importantly my confidence. He recommended a 6 month smile brace for the first part of my treatment to align the gum line which was very high, out of line and to straighten a few teeth. I was very hesitant to start with but I knew it was the right thing to do and a few weeks later the brace was fitted and the treatment began. My appointments and treatment throughout the time my brace was fitted was lead by Dr Alex Lindfield who was fantastic throughout and explained in detail every step of the way.

I suffer from anxiety and Alex was excellent in helping me to remain calm and meeting my needs to alleviate my anxieties. He is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend anyone who is nervous about going to the dentist to see Alex as he will help with your worries and concerns. My brace was removed I then started treatment with replacement porcelain crowns and I could not be more delighted with the results.

Every member of staff at Clifton Dental Studio are absolutely wonderful, everyone makes you feel welcome. What I like about the team is that they are more than happy to talk through treatment plans, finance and help eliminate any fears or worries. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will sit with you as long as you need. Its personal touches like this which I like. It made me feel valued and that they cared.

The team at Clifton Dental Studio are passionate about Dental health and how we can improve this. Carrie-Ann was the hygienist I visited on a few occasions during treatment and her work is thorough. A few improvements just on how to brush your teeth can be helpful. My treatment from start to finish was around 12 months but was well worth the wait! I would recommend to anyone who are looking to improve their smile to use Clifton Dental Studio, not just because of the first class dental treatment they offer but also because of the fantastic team which is what makes it very special.

Thank you to each of you for giving me my smile and confidence back. It’s something that money cannot buy.

Kelly Humphries

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Are you unhappy with your smile, but you’re not sure what to do about it? Don’t worry, we can help you.

We know that a great smile can make a huge difference to the way we feel and, at Clifton Dental Studio, we offer our patients a wide range of dental treatments and cosmetic dental treatments. We can treat chips, cracks and make general dental repairs alongside offering cosmetic procedures, which whiten and brighten the teeth.

Some of The *Pain Free Treatments We Offer…

Smile Makeovers, Teeth Straightening, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening and more.

We’d like to invite you to a complimentary consultation with one of our smile advisors. Just pop your details into the form, and we’ll get back to you and arrange a convienient time to see you.

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Included in your complimentary consultation:

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  • Discuss treatment options suitable for you
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  • Look at finance options available to you
  • An opportunity to book your clinical assessment.

“*Pain Free Whilst Achieving Exceptional End Results” Says Lewis Baker

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