guaranteeWe are so confident about our quality of service and care that we are prepared to offer our seven year promise to replace any failing veneer, crown or bridge within seven years of treatment for any reason providing certain conditions are met.

This promise is made on the understanding that all patients have completed all treatment recommendations and maintenance programs and that restorations have not been damaged by additional dental treatment.

We ask that all patients attend a minimum of four hygiene sessions per year following completion of treatment.

Compare our guarantees with those of other dental practices

We guaranteeto:

1. 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee
2. Ethical impartial advice
3. Our seven year promise to replace any failing cosmetic crowns and porcelain veneers *
4. To explain all treatment options available to you
5. We will not persuade or pressure you into treatment
6. To help you to make an informed decision about your treatment of choice
7. To offer modern treatments for comfort and outstanding results
8. To provide the best in quality and care
9. To treat you as we would expect to be treated
10. To help you find a specialist who can treat you if we cannot

*All we ask is that you complete all recommended treatments and visit us regularly for hygiene and maintenance visits (normally four sessions per year).