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We are proud to have obtained so many positive reviews from patients on Google. All our reviews are displayed below to give you a better indication of how real patients view their dental experience at Clifton.

Holly Plummer
Holly P.
16:27 21 Nov 23
I honestly can’t recommend Clifton Dental enough! All the staff are absolutely fantastic, they all make you feel so welcome and comfortable. Clifton dental are perfect for nervous patients- I used to be a very nervous patient at the dentist but since coming here I have no fear. There is no judgement from any of the dentists or hygienists either which really put me at ease. Everything is pain free as well which is amazing 🙂read more
pj turns
pj T.
16:10 20 Nov 23
The single best dental experience I’ve ever had .Called them as an emergency and they had me in within an hour and a half .The way the staff greet you is welcoming and reassuring.Once in the chair it’s next level .I can’t recommend them enough .
Judy Wood
Judy W.
13:22 30 Oct 23
I've waited a year to post my review for the simple reason, I wanted to ensure everything stayed as it was with my initial Fabulous New Smile. I too had a bad experience from an early age with dentists. I was so fearful I had to be sedated for every tiny filling, often costing more than the treatment itself ! Moving on 30+ years and having a good friend who had previously had treatment from Neil to create her Amazing Smile, I plucked up the courage to do something about my awful top teeth. I took that first fearful step and made the call to Clifton Dental Studio, this lead to an online video appointment. From there I met in person with Neil and colleague who worked out a personal plan for me. This included a tooth removal, bone implants, one tooth implant, along with numerous veneers, basically the whole of my upper teeth. As you can imagine I had several appointments which were pain-free. In fact, during one 3 hour appointment, I nodded off to sleep under the cosy blankets placed over me, Neil does like to work in a 'chilly' environment! With all of the above written I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. My smile has given me confidence, made me happier, I treat my teeth with more respect and am no longer scared to attend appointments! I have an hour with my hygienist Heather soon and know all will be fine, as the care and attention given is the best I have ever experienced. I'd finally like to thank All the friendly colleagues I've encountered at Clifton Dental Studios, but especially Neil for his excellent skills and perfectionist approach to his workmnship, Julie on reception for her encouragement and smiles along with Bex for being there when I felt a little nervous at the start of my journey. "THANK YOU" 😁See you soon xXxread more
17:31 26 Oct 23
I chose Clifton Dental Studio as I wanted a few cosmetic procedures for my teeth but I also had a strong fear of the dentists, the pain-free dentistry guarantee was what drew me to this practice in particular along with the certifications held by the dentists.Once having the initial consultations and working out a treatment plan I decided to proceed with braces followed by whitening - before this I also required a filling & extraction, both of which were completely painless. I used their inhalation sedation which is an add-on but very worth it if you are otherwise too nervous (they also have other sedation options). After this I had braces fitted for approximately 7-8 months followed by whitening. This process has definitely made huge improvements to my teeth and I can honestly say I've seen a huge improvement compared to how they were previously.To anyone who is thinking of using Clifton Dental Studio I can vouch and say they have definitely cured my fear of the dentist and are very good at what they do. My orthodontist Rory was thorough and always gave me options, advised me appropriately and explained exactly what it was he was doing with my teeth. The reception team and dental assistants are all very friendly and helpful also. It is somewhat of an investment depending on what you'd like to achieve but in my opinion 100% worth it.I would and have recommended this practice to friends & family and as said I can definitely vouch for more
Julie Callun
Julie C.
19:38 11 Oct 23
I cannot recommend Neil and his team enough. I contacted Neil after researching cosmetic dentist early 2022. I had a damaged tooth at the front from root canal work that had gradually got darker over time, a poor fitted cap and some fillings that had discoloured. It was having an impact on my confidence and I decided it was time to get it sorted.The change is amazing and I am so happy with my smile now, it’s a gradual process but tonight I’ve seen my old smile and my new smile side by side and the transformation is amazing. I didn’t want to go for a fake look I just wanted a natural smile back and I could not be happier.I would say Neil is somewhat a perfectionist which is great and instills confidence the whole way through. The staff are attentive and friendly. If you are looking for dentistry work I would thoroughly more
Julia Pritchard
Julia P.
09:28 07 Oct 23
I initially went to Clifton Dental Studio - after looking at the amazing reviews - because it was time to really get my smile sorted out. My teeth were not straight with a very questionable, old veneer on my front tooth.I'd never been to a private practice so didn't know what to expect.I was able to book an appointment really quickly.Julie and Rachel at reception made me feel so welcome on every visit. Very friendly with offers of hot and cold drinks.I saw Neil initially. He replaced my dodgy veneer with composite bonding. I was extremely nervous when he said I'd have to have an injection in my gum but could not believe that I honestly did not feel one thing! Then he put a treatment plan together for me with a variety of options. He was also very down to earth and made me feel extremely comfortable especially as I'm not a massive fan of the dentist!Once I'd decided on my treatment plan, Rory took over - Brace, whitening and a a couple of composite bonds later I can honestly say I did not think my teeth would ever look so good. I'm absolutely blown away by the results - Rory is so lovely and a perfectionist so that has really helped with the little tweeks.My overall review would be - If like me, you've looking in the mirror thinking it's time to get those teeth sorted out. Book a consultation - I never felt any pressure to follow through with any treatments recommend, every one is so friendly. Honestly, you won't be disappointed.Julia Pritchard (New owner of a nice pair of teeth)read more
Louise Lacey
Louise L.
08:02 06 Oct 23
I have been a patient at Clifton dental studio for many years. The staff are helpful& professional. I have had many treatments incl root canal filings & crowns, always problem free & pain free
S. V.
S. V.
16:48 05 Oct 23
I have been a patient at Clifton Dental Studio for over 7 yrs now and really appreciate their consistently welcoming, friendly, yet professional approach, the knowledge they have and the technology they use.It all makes me feel at ease every time.Would definitely recommend, and a big thank you to everyone at Clifton Dental Studio, especially to Julie at reception, my hygienist Charlotte and last but not least, to Neil !read more
Susie James
Susie J.
18:23 04 Oct 23
My journey at this wonderful practice started about 7 years ago when I had a traumatic experience at my NHS dentist , my friend was a patient and highly recommended them. I had not had any experience with a private dental practice and was very apprehensive as I thought that I might feel like a fish out of water.I soon found out how wrong I was from my first consultation i was welcomed in with open arms , they were professional and explained all my options and I could tell that my teeth were now in safe hands. Over the years I have had a variety of treatments including an implant, braces, crowns & bridges each time the treatment and costs were explained fully and I have never felt pressurised into having any treatment . I am a smiley person and I can now smile with confidence which i could never do before, I can tell that my mouth hygiene is also a lot better. I have seen several members of the team over the years , more recently had excellent treatment with Rory & Sylvia assisted with Charlene & Kate , Heather is my wonderful hygienist and I always receive a very warm welcome by a Julie on reception.I can honestly say that I look forward to my visits to the dentist which I never thought I would say. I would 100% recommend using the Clifton dental studio to anybody.If Carlsberg did dentists it definitely would be the Clifton dental studio for sureread more
Julie Filer
Julie F.
15:57 02 Oct 23
Clifton dental studio offers a pain free professional service. From the moment you walk in their doors the reception staff are so friendly reassuring and professional through to the dental hygienists and the dentists themselves. They go through everything thoroughly with you explaining everything in detail. Their service is totally pain free and they constantly put your mind at rest to give the the best treatment available. I would 100%recommend them more
Liam Clements
Liam C.
09:34 27 Sep 23
The best dental clinic in Bristol!I've been going for 4/5 years and everytime I'm greeted with a lovely smile and warm welcome from Julie!Big thanks to Heather who is absolutely amazing!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Michael Smith
Michael S.
11:13 26 Sep 23
Having had a dramatic experience with my previous dentist I moved to the Clifton Dental Studio 12 years ago. I can not praise the team highly enough. I have had a range of treatments (Dental Implant, Whitening, Crowns, Filling etc) and the final result has always exceeded my expectations. I always gets nice comments reference my smile and that is largely due to the work Neil and his team have done over the years. From the moment you walk in to the time you leave, the staff are welcoming, friendly and engaging. What is really good is that when you undergo treatment, they always takes the time to explain what they are doing, why they are doing it and never appear rushed. A special mention to Heather the Dental Hygienst. She is professional, always happy and has a lovely manner. Although visiting the dentist can be traumatic and stressful, she helps to put you at ease and makes the experience as enjoyable as it can be. In summary, I honestly believe I receive the best pain free dentistry in more
Isobel Johnston
Isobel J.
11:20 21 Sep 23
Had my first initial appointment here today , I have a long journey ahead but took the first step and everyone here is more than amazing and friendly and enough to make you feel comfortable and at ease . Thanks to Roxanne for being so empathetic. Exited to return in the near future
Sandra Porter
Sandra P.
14:39 01 Sep 23
Just have to say how absolutely thrilled and delighted I am with the four front teeth veneers done by Neil in June. They look incredibly natural and have done so much for my confidence - I am no longer wary of smiling - in fact, I'm smiling all the time!!The added bonus was that, although it took a little time, the whole procedure was completely pain free, as promised. I cannot thank you enough and I will be travelling up from Cornwall again soon for my next routine appointment.Sandra Porterread more
Emily Paterson
Emily P.
18:38 23 Aug 23
I had a fear of going to the dentist from a previous bad experience. I researched Clifton dental studio and travelled 4 hours to see the team there. They did not disappoint and really did deliver on the pain free aspect of my treatment. As the results started to take place and after each successful pain free visit my confidence grew. I now have a perfect smile for my wedding and this is all down to the team at Clifton. They helped me achieve my desired smile in a tight time frame. I appreciated I had a choice of treatment options to decide from and I felt supported throughout this process and the full treatment journey after. I would recommend Clifton dental studio as it is a great place to receive treatment if you are nervous patient because they really do have your best interests at heart and take care of more
Rebecca Frost
Rebecca F.
15:47 22 Aug 23
I'll start this story back in October 2022.I had avoided the dentist for 15 years after developing a severe case of Dentophobia. To the point where I couldn't even talk about teeth or look at my own in the mirror in fear, I would see something terrible.However, I had a smile I wasn't overly happy with, and it had been a dream of mine to have a smile I was confident with before I got married in July 2023.Knowing I didn't have much time, I decided to book an online consultation with Clifton Dental after countless talks with my partner. Having a chat online, in the safe environment of my own home, without having to step foot in a dentist made this decision easy and I told myself "if I don't like it, I don't have to go". So I had my online chat and was told braces were probably the best option for me. I then hesitantly booked a "new patient" appointment with Neil for 2 months time, thinking I had plenty of time to overcome this phobia and seemed so far in the future I didn't need to worry.Soon enough, January rolled around and before I knew it, my appointment was with Neil the next day. I won't lie, I didn't sleep the night before. I was an anxious wreck. I didn't know how I'd even step foot into a dentist, let alone have someone look at my teeth. I spent all night worrying if all my teeth would need to be taken out, would I need dentures (I'm 30 yo) or how many root canals I'd need?Walking into Clifton Dental, you're greeted with a boutique feel I'd only experienced at an Aesthetics Clinic. From there, I was asked what I didn't like about my smile, and we came to the conclusion composite veneers would be the best option for me with my wedding a mere 7 months away. Then, Neil walked into the room and made me feel totally at ease as he conducted the first "examination" of my teeth and gums in 15 years. I was terrified.But I didn't need to be. Neil reassured me that my teeth were not as bad as I thought, only needing 2 fillings and a good ol' clean before we look at booking in for my veneers. I opted for the RA sedation for both my hygiene appointments and my filling session, as the thought of going through that without anything petrified me. But I knew I was making progress.My first sedation hygiene/filling appointment was with Charlotte (Lottie) and I cannot even begin to tell you how at ease she made me. Before I knew it, I was sinking into the chair and was the most relaxed I'd been in months. The 2 hour appointment was over in a flash, and all of a sudden I was sat up, rinsing and spitting and was simply speechless as how I'd...a. Just had 2 fillings without feeling ANY pain what-so-ever.b. Had just overcome a 15 year old fear of the dentist in 2 hours.c. How excited I was to come back for my next appointment.After another sedation/hygiene appointment with Charlotte, I was ready for my first veneer appointment with Neil.We took some time to look at the mockups of the veneers he had done during my first consultation with him, and I have never had so much faith in someone. I knew Neil was a master at his trade, and was so excited to have the smile I'd always dreamt of.4 hours later, I had a new smile. I was beaming from ear to ear, and even shed a tear when I looked in the mirror. How was all this possible with zero pain? Why had I not done this sooner? So many questions were whizzing through my head, but one thing was for sure, I was elated.Since then, I've had nothing but compliments on my smile. So many friends and family were worried I was going to end up with "Turkey Teeth", but they didn't need to worry, as my teeth look so natural, that they simply couldn't believe I'd had veneers and were astonished at how amazing they look.Words can't express how thankful I am for Charlotte & Neil and the team at Clifton Dental. In the space of 4 months, I overcame a 15 year phobia of the dentist and now have the smile I always wanted. I simply can't recommend enough and I'm already looking forward to going back for my next hygiene appointment, this time WITHOUT more
Maddie loveland
Maddie L.
14:53 21 Jul 23
Lovely team! I have a big fear of the dentist and everyone was amazing and super understanding. Explained everything as we went through it and went at my pace. Thanks guys 🙂
15:38 15 Jun 23
Wonderful dental practice. Personalised, Attentive, understanding, compassionate and professional. These guys know what they are doing and are specialists in pain management. If you or you children have any fear or anxiety of dentistry you need to come here. Amazing. Wouldn't use anyone else now.
wendy williams
wendy W.
15:52 01 Dec 22
I have confidence in recommending Clifton Smiles, my journey has been a long one, beginning with braces and finishing with veneers, whitening and composite bonding. My results have exceeded my expectations and lifted my confidence. Thankyou to all staff who have been so kind, caring and professional from beginning to end. A special mention to Rory and Neil you have made such a difference to my more
Elin Kask
Elin K.
18:49 22 Sep 22
I've had one of my last appointments at Clifton today. The bigger treatments they have done for me were braces for my lower teeth and veneers for the top teeth. I could not be happier with the results, or the team that have been responsible for my care. They are utterly amazingThank you everyone at Clifton!Elinread more
julie cox
julie C.
08:54 13 Aug 22
My teeth were horendous and a real challenge for Neil, but his advise and guidance has paid of. Rory regulary adjusted and tweeked my brace to give me a perfect line for Neil to work his magic. . I have my temporary veneers at this stage . I am well excited to have my porceline veneers fitted soon. Completely over the moon . Lovely caring people at this more
gemma purchase
gemma P.
09:50 08 Aug 22
Edited:Since this review I immediately received a call from Julie in reception who very quickly booked me into see the dentist Rory. My feedback concerning organising a dental visit has been dealt with promptly and the branch have taken steps to address further concerns raised with communication, especially with the out of hours service and messages translating to the main reception. I’m very happy with how quickly and professionally this has been dealt by Julie and the team. Over bite resolved, further dates to check now organised in a reasonable timeframe. Scans still at an extra cost but further explanation offered as justification.Much happier and as mentioned before, the prior service was outstanding so not to overshadow this.…………..During the process from introduction to removing my brace was great. There were times when additional costs would creep in from that quoted initially which needed discussion but fixed fairly easily.However aftercare hasn’t been great, it’s really difficult to get in to see the dentist who is very busy and existing clients are often referred to an additional phone service where messages dont get through to the main reception (this has wasted my time twice on travel, where I’ve been outside at 10 minutes past my appointment to then be turned away or asked to wait 2hrs for the next slot - It takes me an hour to get to the dentist).The over bite is still not right and teeth sore but I’m not able to speak to the dentist.Extra costs for scans etc have been mentioned when trying to order a backup night brace. As apparently records are no longer on file - even though it was only 6 months since taking my brace out.Overall not impressed with the after care which has really let down the fantastic service I had pre my braces taken more
Katy Collingwood
Katy C.
15:57 03 May 22
I had a wonderful experience with Neil and the team at Clifton Dental Studio. I started with Invisalign to straighten my teeth and then had a direct composite veneer placed on one of my teeth due to the tooth being a different size than the one opposite. It was all pain free and I am so happy with my new more
Elle Morris
Elle M.
10:18 08 Apr 22
Could not recommend this Clinic enough! Changed my teeth and my smile just before the biggest step of my life. Caring and assertive staff and nothing but pure professionalism.
Carl Bembridge
Carl B.
16:19 13 Jan 22
WELL! I have had an amazing experience with Neil & the team at Clifton dental studio. I was born with a bone condition which made me have a lot of problems with my teeth, I have attended 5 different dentists which included 2 on Harley street but was eventually referred to Neil. I have never been with a dentist that took the time to research my medical situation and really help with what to do for the best and look at a total future plan into what my teeth needed medically an what I wanted cosmetically. They have made sure I am pain free and worked around my schedule so willingly. I never used to smile as I was conscious of my teeth being not what I wanted and I'm quite a way through my plan with Neil and currently have my temporary smile which I LOVE and can't wait for the permanent even better one! I've also opted to try a implant in a gap a the back of my mouth, again because of my bone condition Neil sourced a slight different material implant that would take to my bone better. so so happy so far.... can't wait for my final result 😀read more
Joseph C
Joseph C
12:43 08 Aug 21
Where do I begin. The whole team at Clifton dental studio, truly are such a fantastic team and are always extremely positive! My whole experience throughout my treatment, was great! I always looked forward to coming to the studio... the treatments that I’ve had, really have improved my confidence massively, and I’m still truly blown away by my results!! I will always recommend Clifton dental studio to anyoneread more
Sarah Leonard
Sarah L.
06:34 06 Apr 21
Wow! A truly lovely team of patient centred care. Always welcomed by the happy and lovely Julie & Siobhan. Rory is my dentist and would always take the time to explain and go over my treatment. Warm and friendly dental nurses every time which makes the whole experience relaxed... this is the way dental care should be! ~ Highly Recommend and a massive thank you to everyone in the team at Clifton Dental Studio. I finally have my perfect smile!read more
Sarah Berkerey
Sarah B.
10:06 31 Dec 20
I’ve been visiting Clifton Dental Studio for over 10 years now and cannot recommend their services enough. From amazing emergency care, to ongoing aftercare and check ups - all the staff are friendly faces that help make you smile that little bit more confidently!I originally went to Clifton Dental Studio in need of an implant for my front tooth - after being messed around by another dentist I had developed an infection in my jaw and ended up needing a bone graft alongside the implant. All my options were explained clearly and I felt well informed on the progress I could expect to see. I ended up opting for sedation for one of the larger operations which made the experience much smoother sailing and would recommend for anyone on the nervous side because I don’t remember a thing!The final result was a perfect match in terms of colour and size which has made such a difference to my confidence.I’ve since moved away from the area but still visit the clinic for regular hygiene appointments and check ups as I trust Neil and the team more than any other dentist. If I could give move than 5 stars I would!read more
Enrica Cocianni
Enrica C.
14:02 23 Sep 20
Best dentist studio in Bristol! I phoned up on Monday morning because of a swollen gum and mild pain. Julie the receptionist was super helpful and I felt like she really listened to my problem and escalated it the clinician team. She phoned me back within an hour and got me booked in for an emergency appointment the following morning as from my symptoms they were worried it might have been something quite serious, which turned out to be.Rory the dentist quickly diagnosed the problem and offered me a solution on the same day! I was very scared but he made me feel at ease and answered all the questions that I had which really helped in accepting the treatment. In every step both him and nurse Jessica made me feel at ease and safe. I really felt taken care of from beginning to end. They delivered on their promise of pain free dental treatment and saved me from what could have easily evolved into a very nasty systemic infection. I felt so grateful for their help. I highly recommend this fantastic studio, they’ve got a great team who delivers great results!read more
Amanda Niceta
Amanda N.
09:36 13 Jul 20
We have chosen Clifton dental studio as is very close to us ,we literally live next door. We also have seen lots of positive reviews so that’s why we have chosen this dental practice. My partner had a tooth removal , Dr. Neil Gerrard has been very professional and very patiently assisted my partner. Before the treatment he was in pain as he had an infection , after the treatment he felt no pain at all. More confident with a fresher breath and the most important pain-free after his tooth been removed. We are looking forward for our next appointment as we are really pleased with our first experience with you. I would highly recommend Dr. Neil Gerrard and his practice as they are the best example of how a trip to the dentist should be. Do not hesitate to book in especially if you are in pain because the team and Dr. Neil work in the best way to treat you without any pain. Thanks a million Clifton Dental Studio!! 🙂read more
Gloria Burland
Gloria B.
07:43 22 May 20
Eleven years ago, with fear and trepidation I first walked through the door of the Clifton Dental studio.. I need not have worried. The complete care and professional response i received soon put me at ease and made me a devotee. I cannot sing their praises too highly and would recommend Neil and his team to anyone seeking the very best. .read more
Katie Woodward
Katie W.
12:27 24 Jan 20
Absolutely fabulous service. The reception team are super friendly and informative on the phone and welcoming when you arrive for your appointment. I saw Samantha for my treatment, she was so lovely and professional, explained all areas of my treatment thoroughly and made me feel really comfortable. It is apparent that each member of staff are passionate about their jobs and the service they provide is second to none. Really enjoyable experience and can't wait to see the results of my tooth whitening! Thank you Samantha! xxread more
Gary Brookes
Gary B.
13:48 26 Dec 19
100% pain free!! Myself I have been nervous of going to the dentist since I was a child but felt at absolute ease with Neil and the team even the receptionists 100% credit to all of you. If there is anyone who is fearful of going to the dentist give Neil and the team a try you wont regret it. Thank you Neil for everything you have done for me and for giving me my faith in dentists back. I hope you all had a lovely christmas and a wonderful new yearread more
james osborne
james O.
23:15 11 Nov 19
Oh my God what can I say, lets start with telling you how amazing very professional they are. I was recommended by a friend to go and have a chat with them. From the minute I walked into the huge posh house in clifton I new just by the atmosphere it was the place for me. From the receptionists who go that extra mile to make you feel welcome to the sales team that were so understanding to my needs and were very respectful and passionate about what they could help me with. From the pain free treatment from the dental/hygienist nurses to Rory my dentist what can I say I owe you everything you have changed my life.After yrs of having unsightly teeth which has lead to no confidence and the odd mental health issue to Now,I feel like I’m on top of the world, these guys are amazing and would recommend 100%Thank you for restoring my faith in dentists and for helping me throughout my journey, they have given me so much more confidence life changing amounts, I can’t thank then more
Jenny Bamber
Jenny B.
15:39 25 Sep 19
Clifton Dental Studio is a great example of how a trip to the dentist should be - friendly, professional, caring and PAIN-FREE. The whole team make you feel welcomed and it is a pure joy to see how happy and fulfilled they are knowing that they are literally putting a big toothy smile back on peoples faces! It's amazing how I started my braces journey, first embarrassed to smile, but fast forward two years to the end of my treatment and I can do nothing but smile! Dr Gerrard and his fabulous team have given me a massive confidence boost and I can't thank them enough for that! Can not recommend Clifton Dental Studio enough! You guys are awesome!read more
Stacey Jade Hair
Stacey Jade H.
23:41 19 Sep 19
Have had nothing but excellent service since coming to Clifton Dental Studio. From having my braces fitted to my hygienist appointments. Everything has been pain free and the customer care is second to none! So glad I found this place.
Sue Frost
Sue F.
11:05 12 Sep 19
After damaging my front tooth many years ago (in my early twenties) I had it crowned at an NHS dentist. This dental work lasted some time until an infection in the jaw bone required an apicoectomy. This procedure resolved the problem and saved the crown. I had this procedure done a couple of times over the years until the infection refused to clear. I was faced with yet another procedure to try and save the tooth but as the crown's quality was deteriorating and the surrounding teeth were no longer matching the original work, I decided to do some research and found Dr Gerrard at Clifton Dental Studio. Following an in-depth review and history I was advised to have the tooth removed and consider an implant, advice which I was confident with and followed. The tooth was removed and I was given a temporary denture to use while the infection was clearing and the gum was healing. I received bone graft surgery to enable an effective and secure implant site – whilst this treatment was unpleasant, I didn't suffer any pain or discomfort (apart from the expected recovery process). The procedure was explained and my questions were answered fully, instilling me with confidence at the quality of care I was receiving. From extraction to the final implant, the treatment lasted approximately 15 months. Throughout the whole time and all the various recovery stages, the quality of treatment and care I received was exemplary, I cannot fault it. I even turned up on a number of occasions, fearful during some of the recovering stages and I was instantly seen to and reassured. In my view, the results are outstanding – my confidence in my smile has been restored. I have looked back at old photos and cannot believe I didn't look to do this sooner. I have since had further treatment on other teeth - treatment which I would have left had I not found a dentist that I had such confidence with. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Gerrard and his team at Clifton Dental Studioread more
Nadtaya Bassi
Nadtaya B.
20:14 04 Aug 19
I have been putting off going to the dentist for years because I have been so petrified! I saw Charlotte and she was absolutely brilliant and so patient with me. It really was pain free with how patient and kind she was - this has totally transformed the way I view dentists! Thank you Clifton Dental!read more
Alison Holliday
Alison H.
09:50 02 Aug 19
The whole team are wonderful: friendly and very helpful. I originally came for a new denture, which is brilliant and makes me smile. I now return regularly to see Heather who must be the kindest hygienist in the world.


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