Sometimes, if patients have severely damaged teeth through decay, dental erosion or accident, or multiple missing teeth, we may need to carry out a complete smile rejuvenation (full mouth reconstruction). This often requires a combination of different procedures such as veneers, crowns, bridges and/or dental implants.

Our dentist, Neil Gerrard, has considerable experience in complete smile rejuvenation and can provide you with a new smile that looks and feels great and will last for many years.


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The preparation for a complete smile rejuvenation is the most important part of the procedure and so we will start by carrying out an extensive examination of your teeth, gums, jaw joint, and the supporting muscles and bone. We will check your bite (the way the teeth meet), take digital images of your mouth including x-rays and generally build up a complete image of how your mouth is now and how it will be once the treatment is complete.

We will of course also discuss your needs, desires and expectations with you. We will discuss all your treatment options and help you to make a decision. We are always honest with our clients. If some aspect of your desired smile is not possible, we will let you know and come up with an alternative suggestion.

We will usually need to prepare your teeth. In the case of dental implants, we may also need to carry out gum or bone grafts before or during their placement.

Finally, your new teeth will be created by the craftsmen in our dental laboratory. We will install them for you and make sure they fit and function perfectly. We will usually see you a week or two later to check that everything is OK and that you are completely happy with your new smile.