Modern materials and techniques mean that crowns have a far more realistic appearance and feel than they used to with no black line at the gum line and none of the bulky feel that is often associated with older crowns.

Our crowns are handcrafted in a dental laboratory, made layer upon layer to give them the slightly translucent appearance of natural teeth.

Crowns are usually used to restore teeth when the top, visible part of the tooth has been broken or damaged, or is no longer strong enough for fillings. Sometimes they are necessary if we provide bridgework because we need to fit them to the neighbouring teeth to make them strong enough to support the bridge.


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We usually carry out the procedure over two appointments. At the first one, we prepare your tooth, giving you a local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable. We will take impressions and fit a temporary crown.

At your second appointment, we will fit the porcelain crown by bonding it firmly into place and ensuring that it fits properly. This is usually a pain-free procedure and clients do not usually need a local anaesthetic. However, if you would prefer to have one, please just let us know.

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