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This is consistently the most popular treatment we offer, and for good reason, as it can make a big difference to your smile.

Teeth can become stained from tea, coffee, red wine or smoking and can also become darker as you get older.
We offer a range of tooth whitening treatments so you can choose one to suit your particular requirements, including LaserSmile, wy10 and Enlighten.

Our in-practice tooth whitening system can help erase stains and make your teeth up to eight shades lighter in just one visit, giving you a sparkling white smile and often taking years off you too.

The procedure is very simple. We cover your lips and gums leaving only the teeth exposed, then a special gel is applied. This works in conjunction with a state-of-the-art light system to penetrate the teeth, breaking up stains and any discoloration.

It is safe, gentle and effective and, with proper care, your smile could sparkle for years.

What is tooth whitening?
Tooth whitening alters the aesthetic properties of the teeth to give you a brighter, whiter smile. With time your teeth naturally darken, becoming more yellow and gray. Years of drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking also stain the teeth. These stains build up inside the teeth, so no matter how many times you brush your teeth, or see a dental hygienist, the teeth will continue to darken with time.
Now with our tooth whitening procedures you can reverse this process, making your smile brighter, whiter and more youthful. The process actually removes those internal stains.

Is it safe?
The tooth whitening process has been tested and used clinically for many years and has proved to be safe and effective. Some short-term sensitivity to cold following the procedure is common although, with most modern systems, this normally resolves within a few days or can be easily reversed by us if required.

How long does teeth whitening last?

After initial treatment the whitening effect will last two to five years, depending on your lifestyle, following which re-whitening is recommended. Alternative techniques are available where you top up the treatment at home to maintain your desired shade of tooth colour.

What results can I expect from teeth whitening?
We guarantee that we can significantly whiten your teeth. However, some types of tooth discolouration respond much better than others. The general, yellow discolouration that appears with age responds the quickest. Grey discolouration responds well but will normally require a longer treatment period to achieve the best results. A small number of people possess developmental defects within their teeth which result in discolouration which may not respond well to tooth whitening treatments. In this situation alternative options are available. Regardless of your existing tooth colour, a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is normally required prior to any whitening.

What is involved in teeth whitening?

There are three techniques available.

1. In-clinic whitening that is completed in the chair in approximately 90 minutes with immediate effect.

2. Home whitening utilizing thin trays which cover the teeth are used twice daily or while sleeping at night. This takes approximately two to eight weeks depending on your desired result.

3. A combination of the two techniques resulting in immediate whitening followed by maintenance whitening at home.
This third technique is our treatment of choice and produces the best results in the shortest period of time. In conjunction with this, custom-made whitening trays are provided to use at home from time to time to maintain your brighter smile.


New Guaranteed Enlighten Teeth Whitening
We can now offer home tooth whitening which we guarantee to whiten your tooth to a B1 shade or brighter in just three weeks. This is a home treatment worn at night time, tried and tested on our own teeth.

This technique requires bespoke whitening trays. Following your introductory visit, we send away for your trays which take around ten days to be returned to us. These are then supplied to you with three to four weeks’ worth of whitening gel for night time use. If they are used every night, we guarantee a B1 shade or whiter in just three weeks.

One exception to this guarantee is for teeth discoloured during development - those teeth which did not grow correctly to start with. This may have been due to excess fluoride, medications such as Tetracycline antibiotics as a young child or other childhood illness. If your teeth are discoloured like this, then we will still recommend tooth whitening as it will nearly always improve your smile, we just can’t guarantee how much.

Maintenance Treatment
This is an essential part of the whitening process. This will not only stabilise the in-clinic whitening process, but will also allow you to maintain a bright white smile. Maintenance requirements will vary from a couple of days a month to a couple of days every six months. Some other whitening systems do not offer this as part of the whitening process and expect to re-treat in the office every 18 to 24 months or they require you to purchase this separately with the associated fees involved. Maintenance treatment will avoid the need for further in-clinic whitening.

Our Guarantee
We are so confident you will be delighted with your smile we offer a number of unique no risk guaranties for your complete piece of mind.

Compare our guarantees with those of other dental practices

1. 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee
2. Ethical impartial advice
3. Our seven year promise to replace any failing cosmetic crowns and porcelain veneers *
4. To explain all treatment options available to you
5. We will not persuade or pressure you into treatment
6. To help you to make an informed decision about your treatment of choice
7. To offer modern treatments for comfort and outstanding results
8. To provide the best in quality and care
9. To treat you as we would expect to be treated
10. To help you find a specialist who can treat you if we cannot

*All we ask is that you complete all recommended treatments and visit us regularly for hygiene and maintenance visits (normally four sessions per year).

Please note: Tooth whitening treatments will produce a natural whiter more youthful appearance. They will not produce the brighter than white “Hollywood smile”. This can only be achieved with advanced cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain laminate veneers.

If you would like to find out more about our Bristol teeth whitening treatments call the practice on 0117 973 1910 to book a free teeth whitening consultation.