Bath dentists advise patients to consider dentures as a great solution for multiple tooth loss

Dentures are back in a big way. After years of negative press and unsavoury stereotypes, dentists are now able to produce dentures which are a positive solution to multiple tooth loss without some of the problem associated with them in the past. If you need to replace lost teeth, you should talk to your Bath dentist and they will tell you about how dentures represent a viable solution.

Fitting false teeth onto a platform that represents a full set of teeth and then wearing them in the mouth is not a new development; humans have been doing this for many centuries in one form or another. It was only in the twentieth century that these devices began to be mass produced and sold to people as the way to solve multiple missing teeth. Unfortunately these dentures were far from perfect and many wearers found that they were messy, uncomfortable and prone to slip out.

This is not the case anymore as dentists tailor make sets of dentures based around the unique shape of the patient’s mouth. They are increasingly using material that causes far less friction to the gums of the wearer and, with less chance of slipping, they become less messy as well.

Other treatments to replace lost teeth can be more permanent, such as dental implants and dental bridges, but dentures are the most affordable and won’t involve any invasive surgery. In fact, thanks to digital technology, dentures can be constructed quicker than ever without the commensurate increase in cost that might be associated with it.

If you’ve suffered from multiple tooth loss, you’ll have to deal with it so that your mouth can function properly in terms of eating, talking and drinking; consider dentures as a solution.