Brushing and Flossing to glory in Bristol

If you are having doubts about whether you are looking after your teeth and gums enough, then you should get along to Clifton Dental in Bristol because they can tell you everything about oral hygiene. You would think it’s an easy thing to do, but it’s surprising how many people still manage to get the basics of flossing and brushing wrong. Okay, let’s just say you’ve thrown all of your products away and you are starting all over again. You need to find a toothbrush to begin with. The brush has got to do the basics of keeping the surfaces of your teeth clear of bacteria and remove any obvious signs of food, but it has to be sympathetic to the tenderness of your gums so it doesn’t need to be too abrasive. Brushes also come in different shapes- some are angled so to allow a better approach to the inside track of the teeth. Electric ones are superb for doing all the work for you, they’re efficient and they get the job done. However good your brushes are though, they still fall short of dislodging food from between the teeth and gums, which is why you need back-up from dental floss that you can weave up and into these crooks and crannies. Floss comes in different thickness’s, so you need to find one that suits the conditions in your mouth: some floss already comes pre-strung on plastic harps to take the sting out of wrapping it around your fingers. Learn how to apply both properly to your teeth and gums and you we are well on the way to oral glory.