Chepstow dentist uses self-hypnosis techniques for dental phobia

In a recent survey in the UK, over 90 per cent of people admitted to having some fear of the dentist. The level of fear obviously differed from person to person and let’s face it, no one actually enjoys going to the dentist but most of us are able to overcome our fears because we realise the importance of our dental health. For others there is more of a significant fear but they are still able to overcome it. This more low level reluctance to visit the dentist is commonly known as dental anxiety.

However, for some people, the fear of the dentist is so great that they are simply not able to rationalise their dental health against their fear. This is a more serious problem known as dental phobia. They are unable to visit the dentist even for a simple check up. The irony of course is that by not visiting the dentist they are increasing the likelihood of needing more complicated dental treatment in the future.

There are many reasons why people suffer from dental phobia. It may be due to a bad experience with a dentist in the past, possibly during childhood. For others it is the lack of control when in the dentist’s chair. Some people find having dental implements in their mouth very invasive. Recent research has found that many patients suffer from a transferred phobia. This is when a parent has imposed their own phobia onto their child.

Whatever the cause of the phobia it is important that the patient is able to overcome it for the sake of their health. The first thing phobic patients need to do is simply talk to their dentist. Dentists are trained to deal with anxious patients and will be able to allay any particular fears they have. The dentists will also be able to explain what other tools are available to anxious patients such as self-hypnosis techniques. It has also recently been found that lavender oil is successful in calming patients before an appointment. Whatever the extent of your anxiety, a dentist in Chepstow will be able to talk you through the procedures and offer you helpful advice on how to overcome your fear and receive the dental treatment that we all need on a regular basis.

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