Dental Implants in Weston-super-mare

Having a missing tooth replaced in Weston-super-mare has never been easier thanks to the development in implant technology and with it, gone is the worry of losing teeth. Tooth loss can be terribly damaging psychologically when your teeth go, so does your youthfulness- you can literally age mentally overnight. Physically too- the cheeks can start to look withdrawn and the face will sag. Retaining teeth in the mouth, prevents this; even though the thought of wearing dentures may be terrifying, they do retain the shape of the face and even though you are always conscious you are wearing them, they can be used with mini implants, that can be fitted in a day, to hold them true in the mouth. But if implant technology keeps getting better, dentures may become buried in the past. Once implants have been fitted, they are there for life, as are the teeth that are attached to them. Laser surgery has replaced the scalpel, therefore damage to the gum tissue and nerves has been greatly reduced when the implant is located into the bone, which also aids the healing process and reduces the time of implant treatment. Having implants can restore the beauty to mouth- they are as good as the original and less suceptible to disease and as techniques become easier and more refined, so do the success rates and the prices- having an implant can cost as little as £2000