Find out about the latest Six Month braces at Bristol dentist

Being told you need braces is never easy for any teenager. That is because they are so aware of how braces look, how uncomfortable they are and how long the treatment lasts. They are probably also very aware that braces make them stand out when they are in the most emotionally difficult time of their lives. Luckily, orthodontic technology has come on a long way in the last ten years and a whole new wave of braces has revolutionised treatment.

There are now braces that promise invisible treatment, more comfortable treatment and treatment that lasts only a fraction of the time. There are also other braces, like the Six Month Smile brace, that attempts and succeeds in making improvements in all those areas. Six Month braces from a Bristol dentist are far more discreet than their more traditional counterparts. They use tooth coloured wires and brackets to lessen the visual impact on the smile. They are also far more comfortable and require far fewer nasty tightening appointments, which are often the scourge of the traditional brace wearer.

However, by far and away the most significant improvement comes in the length of treatment as you may have guessed by the name. Six Month braces treatment lasts on average six months, a massive improvement on the average of two years for train-track braces and they don’t lose any of the straightening power. Six Month has been sweeping the US in recent years, proving very popular with many thousands of image conscious teenagers and it looks set to do the same for teenagers here in the UK. Find out more about Six Month braces from your Bristol dentist.

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