Flossing with perfection in Chepstow

It seems odd to think that a small spool of floss can help you keep your teeth in your mouth and help to protect the health of your body throughout, but by simply flossing your teeth after a meal, you can prevent many future problems from occurring. Brushing is simply just not enough and also, too big and clumsy to get between the teeth and around the gums. Everyone’s teeth are different, which is why floss comes in various thicknesses, but once you have settled on one that suits you, then it is time to learn how to use it. It is a little tricky at first, so you’ll need to practise until you have got it right. Once you have eaten, get hold of your floss and then stand in front of the mirror; wind the floss between your hands and then gently work it between your teeth. You will soon see how to remove any residue of food left behind, but keep doing this until you can do it without the mirror. This importance of getting this right is imperative for your oral hygiene: food will cause bacteria and acids to start attacking the surfaces of your teeth and soon, plaque will set in; from this, decay will start and ruin your teeth, whilst you run the gauntlet of gum disease breaking out- which can infect the organs of your body. If you want to know more about flossing and others things concerning your dental hygiene, pick up the phone and talk to Clifton Dental in Bristol, for they serve the Chepstow area.