Get A Stunning Smile In Just 6 Months In Chepstow

Orthodontic issues, such as crooked and crowded teeth, can make you feel less confident about your smile. However, there are some amazing treatments out there and patients can now get the smile of their dreams faster than ever before, thanks to innovative treatments like Six Month Smiles.

Everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace treatment, which delivers results very quickly. As you can probably guess from the name, this treatment straightens the teeth in just 6 months, around half the average time for conventional fixed brace treatment.

Six Month Smile braces work faster than other braces because they utilise the latest technology and focus on the social 6, which is the term given to the front teeth. By zoning in on these teeth, treatment time is cut and patients receive the level of treatment they need, rather than treatment that is more intensive for the complexity of their orthodontic issues.

Six Month Smiles is not an invisible brace system, but the braces are more aesthetically pleasing than most other fixed braces, as they are made from clear brackets and wires, which are designed to blend in with the natural colour of the teeth.

Who is a good match for Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an ideal choice for patients who have minor or moderate issues that affect the social 6, such as mild crowding. It is also a really good option for patients who want results in a limited timeframe and is a popular choice for patients who are planning special occasions, such as weddings.

In some cases, 6 Month Smiles may not be the most suitable orthodontic treatment option; however, if this is the case, we can recommend alternatives and explore different treatments with you.