Getting Rid of Discolored Teeth with Teeth Whitening in Bristol

If the 20th century gave us anything (and it gave us a lot), it certainly gave us options for having good looking teeth. Previous generations that lived in Bristol much be looking down on us and weeping as they view our pearly whites. They were never adorned with the choices on offer that we have to keep our teeth clean and white. Who’d have thought 50 years ago that you’d one day be able to walk into a shop and buy a home bleaching kit for £20, and that’s not the only thing on offer from the 20th century either, to remove discoloration from the teeth. So many companies have got wise to our dental needs. Enlighten promises to whiten your teeth in 14 days- while you sleep! Toothpaste companies now add bleaching agents to their pastes and brush technology has become a precise science behind keeping our teeth white. Of course, we have our trusted and much loved dentists to fall back on too, who now offer a myriad of procedures to maintain the Hollywood look. Cosmetic bonding can improve on a tired look littered with cracks, gaps and wear, by using colored resins- as can having veneers fitted. But the most fashionable treatment around today must be laser bleaching, available from most dentists in the area. Teeth whitening has never been easier, nor cheaper, and if you are considering having it done, consult with your dentist first to find out the treatment that’s best for you.