Gum Disease, Halitosis and the sweet, sweet alternatives in Bristol

If you are honest with yourself, even as a full-blown adult, it is very hard to resist the lure of chomping of something sweet and sugary; the flavours from chocolate, sweets and especially ice cream are very hard to resist. However, unless you ensure that your teeth are clean afterwards, the sugar from these superb vices will play havoc with your teeth and gums and you could well end up suffering from the nasty alliance of halitosis and gum disease somewhere down the line. Both are hard to get rid of and it won’t help either if you just can’t chuck your addiction of putting sweet and tasty things in your mouth whilst being treated for both these conditions. Weirdly though, you can continue your love of certain sweet things that will actually help you overcome both bad breath and gum disease. A lot of research has gone into this and there are certain sweet things you can chew and eat on that will help treat such problems in your mouth; not surprisingly, they come from a natural source. For example, the acids found in certain raisins and cranberries can not only eliminate the odours in your mouth, but help to calm gum disease down as well; and there are lots of other great and sweet things you can chew on as well. For a complete breakdown on the nutrition’s in fruit and vegetables that are sweet to the palette, then give Clifton Dental a visit, because they can supply you with everything you need to know in Bristol