Hollywood smile with Zoom teeth whitening from Swindon dentist

Everyone knows the classic Hollywood smile. Huge beaming, perfectly straight and shining white teeth. It’s the film star look and one which we would all like to emulate. The reality, of course, is that most of these film stars have had thousands of pounds worth of expensive dental treatment to make their teeth look this good. Obviously this is probably off limits for most ordinary people but there are treatments you can have that won’t break the bank but will go someway to giving you a beautiful movie star smile.

Teeth whitening treatments such as Zoom are not as expensive as perhaps you might think. Over the last twenty years, teeth whitening has moved away from being a specialist treatment reserved for the wealthy and towards being an everyday treatment that can be afforded by everybody. This has largely been thanks to pioneering treatments such as Zoom that have made the whitening procedure more efficient. Although more extensive treatments are available, basic treatments start at about half an hour in length and will cost little more than about £60. This could improve the appearance of your teeth but obviously the more extensive the treatment the better the results will be.

Teeth whitening works by applying a gel to the surface of the teeth. This gel contains hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent which stains the tooth enamel white, removing stains and making the teeth look cleaner and healthier. Whitening of up to ten shades is possible with Zoom teeth whitening treatment which will have a significant effect on the appearance of your teeth. Teeth whitening from a Swindon dentist can last for up to three years before it will need to be repeated. Ask your dentist for more information about how teeth whitening could work for you.

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