How Dentures Can Help You in Bristol

Whilst losing some or even, all of our teeth can have an extreme psychological affect on how we live out our future in Bristol, it’s also time to get over it, get our lives into perspective and embrace the idea of having dentures fitted- for several reasons. Losing our teeth instantly affects the occlusion or ‘bite’ in the mouth. Chewing without teeth, puts new stresses, pressures in the head and can lead to irreversible damage in the lower jaw, leading to sinus, ear, head, neck and shoulder problems. The lack of teeth can also alter the shape of the face; skin will start to sag into and around the mouth and age you within weeks of the loss. Having dentures fitted can eliminate all these problems as well as giving your back a healthy lifestyle attitude. Dentures have always had bad press, but new, more natural looking materials, fixadents and mini-implants have made dentures not only made dentures look good in the mouth, but also make them stay in the mouth. They maintain a youthful look to the face, keeping it healthy looking and retaining the shape. But modern dentures also allow you to carry on life as normal as before. You can eat-out normally, socialize normally and generally, live life normally. Like it says in certain adverts on TV….’can you tell which one is wearing dentures?’ as a couple bite into a couple of French bread rolls.