Insist on calcium hydroxide for root canal, says dentist in Bristol

A root canal treatment is a very complicated procedure whereby a badly infected tooth is cleaned from the inside and cemented shut after that. It is a very uncomfortable procedure and it is therefore greatly feared.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding root canal treatments because dentists are not in agreement regarding the use of calcium hydroxide for root canal. Many dentists feel that it has absolutely no bearing on how the tooth will react after the treatment. However, a dentist in Bristol offers calcium hydroxide for root canal treatment because it is believed to help the tooth heal itself from within. This substance is believed to reduce inflammation from within the tooth, and this in turn helps the tooth get better soon. It eventually gets absorbed into the body.

This is in keeping with a holistic approach to healing, whereby the body is encouraged to repair itself. The doctor gives the body the required raw materials towards this end. Calcium hydroxide is one such substance and more than a few dentists are beginning to use it in their treatments. As a matter of fact, patients are beginning to demand this treatment since they believe that it is very effective.

Therefore, if you are due to undergo a root canal treatment for a severely decayed tooth, you should first talk to your dentist about whether calcium hydroxide will be used in the substance that your tooth will be filled with. You have every right to only take that medical treatment that you feel confident about.

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