Learn correct techniques from Clifton Dental about brushing and flossing in Bristol

Brushing your teeth twice a day may seem like no big deal, no routine of importance. However, cleaning your teeth properly is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure good oral health In addition, flossing once a day can go a long way in removing stubborn plaque and bacteria, leading a to a cleaner and more healthy mouth.

Brushing your teeth should be a conscious effort, using a clean toothbrush with soft bristles and topped with fluoride toothpaste. Small, circular motions should be used to clean the teeth on both sides, ensure you cover the entire jawbone and pay attention to each row of teeth. Do not rub too aggressively as this may result in a loss of enamel or may cause damage to the surrounding tissues. The tongue should not be neglected either as this is where most of the harmful bacteria reside. You may use the back of your toothbrush to gently rub the surface of the tongue. Once again, do not be too abrasive, you do not want to cause damage to your mouth as you are tying to protect it from just that.

Around Bristol, Clifton Dental recommends flossing your teeth at least once a day. Toothbrushes cannot always reach certain areas in the mouth, such as in the gaps between the teeth, and this is where plaque and bacteria can collect, possibly causing gum disease or tooth decay. Dental floss can be brought from any chemists and can even be carried around during the day, in case you should wish to floss after every meal.

If you follow these simple, but important steps, your teeth should remain happy and healthy for a long time.