Luscious Lumineers in Bristol

It’s a good time for cosmetic dentistry and it seems to be on a very good role right now. New things are being developed out of old things and by doing so, the improvement in dental treatments gets better each day. Take for example the veneer: a great way of covering up the ageing process by cementing a slither of porcelain over a tooth that has had the enamel removed in the preparation process and immediately, you have a remarkable new look. This has also evolved as well and one such derivative of the veneer is the lumineer. This is even thinner than your average veneer because it doesn’t involve shaving off the enamel from the teeth first; the lumineer is simply cemented straight onto the surface of the teeth with little preparation beforehand and this makes it very attractive for the person on the move whose smile is an important ingredient in their work. It can be made and fitted quickly, in an hour if you can find a dentist equipped with CEREC, and because there is no damage done to the teeth in the preparation stage, the procedure can be reversed, giving this treatment a modern disposable feel to it. If this has caught your imagination in Bristol, then contact Clifton Dental for more information.