Oral cancer stopped in its tracks thanks to the great work of dentists in Bath

What with one in three Britons alive today likely to be directly affected by cancer, it is necessary to do everything we can to guard against it. This not only involves making the right life style choices but also involving medical professionals in our health so that any early signs of cancer can be spotted. Thanks to advances in treatments, many of the worst aspects of cancer can be successfully avoided if an early diagnosis is achieved.

Signs of oral cancer can be spotted by your local Bath dentist during a six month check up. They have been trained to examine your mouth with oral cancer in mind they will be looking out for indicators such as rusty coloured patches inside the mouth. You can inspect your mouth too after you have brushed your teeth by feeling for hardened patches. Sudden, unexplained weight loss is also sign of several cancers and should be reported to your dentist or general practitioner (GP).

Oral cancer occurs in more men than it does women in the United Kingdom. But that does not mean, of course, that women ought to be complacent. Those who smoke and regularly consume alcohol to excess are the highest risk and oral cancer represents just another reason why these habits can be bad for you.

Your dentist will need to refer you to an oncologist if he or she suspects that cancer might be present in your mouth. Oral cancer is a very serious condition and can result in fatality but the recovery rates are fairly good if an early diagnosis is made. It might not be something that you think about very often in your every day life but it is worth considering next time you are making an appointment for a check up with the dentist.