Patients from Bristol choose the dental implant route at Clifton Dental Studio

Dental implants have been around for a long time, though patients from Bristol and nearby areas are only just truly enjoying the benefits. The Mayan civilisation in South America and Central America is known to have implants embedded into bone over 1,300 years before a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon started the modern method of working with titanium.

These days when patients come down to Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol we still use titanium although research is always been conducted into new materials. A ceramic material called Zirconia is often used in orthopaedic procedures and has the advantage of being similar in colour to teeth. However, this is still not in common usage due to the extensive testing required to join the market place.

Even if you have just suffered a single tooth loss it is still important to have the gap filled, as over time surrounding teeth may drift, leading to an incorrect bite and further dental problems. If you have several teeth missing from the same area, then dental implants coupled with a fixed bridge are a long lasting and stable solution to your problems. If you have lost a full set of teeth, dental implants for the retention of dentures may be the answer.

Before dental implants were such a standard part of dentistry, dentures and bridges fixed to opposing teeth were the only way to replace missing teeth. However, both of these methods have a number of drawbacks, including bone degeneration, further tooth loss and instability when eating and speaking.

Having dental implants fitted is quite a straightforward procedure these days and offers a greater level of security than dentures or bridges. If you take care of your dental implants properly, they can last a lifetime. So, if you have a requirement for implants, do not delay in visiting your dentist. The Mayans knew what they were talking about!