Patients from Swindon join the digital revolution at Clifton Dental Studio

Patients from Swindon and surroundings areas are talking about digital x-rays as dentistry takes another step forward. At Clifton Dental Studio we have embraced this new technology with open arms and we would like to spend a moment to enlighten you about the latest in dental x-ray techniques.

Part of the reason that digital x-rays are not more widespread in the UK dental industry is that the machines can be so expensive. Partly, it is simply because the technology is so new and not every dentist has their finger on the pulse of the latest gadgets! However, it is safe to say that this process will become standard in the future.

With digital radiographs, rather than using film, this is replaced with a flat electronic pad or sensor. The X-rays hit the pad the same way they hit the film but instead of developing the film in a dark room, the image is electronically sent directly to a computer where the image appears on the screen. The image can then be stored on the computer or printed out. Not only does this speed up the development process but it allows for a higher image specification than you would get with film. This means that radiographs obtained in this manner can be digitally compared to previous radiographs in a process called subtraction radiography. This is one of the great advantages of this process.

The computer can digitally compare the two images, subtract out everything that is the same and give a clear image of anything that is different. This means that tiny changes that may not be noticeable with the naked eye can be caught earlier and more clearly with digital-subtraction radiography. If your dentist does not have the equipment now, he probably will do soon!