Patients from Weston-super-Mare don’t shy away from denture treatment

For patients from Weston-super-Mare, the installation of dentures is a common procedure performed by dentists. As these are worn to replace lost or missing teeth, they are often associated with the elderly as this problem gets worse with age. However, ‘false teeth’ are worn by people of all ages and should not be stigmatised.

When the dentists construct dentures, they use a plate made of either acrylic or metal as the base. You can either get a complete set which will replace all of your natural teeth in your upper or lower jaws or a partial set which will just replace individual missing or lost teeth.

Having dentures is a good idea if you are missing teeth as your facial muscles can sag over time when teeth are missing. Having dentures installed will help keep the structure of your mouth intact and provide support to your cheeks and lips. You do not want to look old before your time, do you? It also helps retain your smile which has all sorts of benefits relating to your confidence levels at work and home. When you meet your perfect partner at the night club, it is nice if you can offer them an open smile.

There are a few things you will have to get used to when you get dentures. Primarily, eating can take a bit of practice. Sometimes your dentures will move as you chew food so you have to be extra careful to chew in a fairly symmetrical fashion. This can be harder than it sounds! However, as you spend more time with your dentures, you will soon get the hang of it.