Put an end to dull or stained teeth with teeth whitening from Chepstow dentists

If you find that your teeth have become dull or stained you may want to ask your Chepstow dentist about the various teeth whitening procedures which are available. Teeth can lose their natural sparkle for a number of reasons. Smoking tobacco and drinking red wine and cola can stain your teeth and having a generally poor diet can have the same effect. The aging process itself will probably lead to your teeth becoming increasingly dull in colour just as your hair loses its sheen over time.

There are a number of ways to correct this and restore the whiteness of your smile, usually involving a bleaching process. Your dentist might recommend a simple scale and polish which removes the staining from your teeth but if your teeth have become dull in shade you may wish to go further.

Laser teeth whitening carried out by your dentist involves the application of whitening gel which is activated by a special light shone on your teeth. This is a potentially powerful process that can have side effects such as increased sensitivity but the results can be an incredibly white smile where before your teeth were stained and lacking in shine.

Home whitening kits mean that you can carry out the procedure yourself by wearing trays filled with whitening gel while you sleep or during the day. The results gained are often not as dramatic as laser teeth whitening but they are more affordable and you won’t have to make as many appointments with your dentist.

Talk to your dentist for more information about tooth whitening as some of the more powerful procedures are not suitable for those with gum diseases or particularly sensitive teeth.

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