Smile like a Star with Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Gloucester

There’s an amazing array of teeth whitening product available in Gloucester today, as more of us are choosing the option to do the work ourselves, at home. Of course with all this competition amongst companies, the products are becoming better. But some dentists are concerned that this takes away their ability to monitor what their patients are up to, which if it goes wrong, means that they have to patch up any damage done. One product however, is making a huge ‘noise’ in this field, being seen as vastly superior to most home kits, has incredible results for the patient and keeps the dentist on board too, whilst working at home- Enlighten Tooth Whitening. Your dentist can first assess the suitability of your mouth by treating any gum disease before starting the treatment. Then you will be measured up for two, air-tight bleaching trays, which you take home with you to start the two week course. Each night before you go to sleep, you fill the trays which the whitening agent and fix them over the teeth, taking care to avoid food or drinks that have a tendency to stain your teeth and to use a whitening toothpaste for the next couple of weeks. When the course is over, the dentist will administer a laser session to give your teeth the amazingly natural look you’ve craved for.