State of the art X-rays in Swindon

Like anything you will find in a dental surgery in Swindon these days, x-rays have benefited from the incredible advancements in technology made possible by the computer. X-rays have always been of incredible value to the medical world, but over recent years they have become more refined and the way they are stored, a lot simpler. When you have a digital x-ray, it will feel to you very much like the old process- standing in front of a screen so that the image can be taken. However, unlike before, there is very little radiation involved and the image then, had to be processed onto a large negative; the information is now fed straight into a computer and the image is flash up immediately. This is only good for the health of your mouth because the dentist can get to work on you immediately and even if the work needs to be done by a specialist, the image can be e-mailed off and you could be seen to the next day. Such on the spot diagnosis can mean the difference between you having for example, a filling as opposed to if you have to wait, root canal treatment. The other advantage is that all this information about you can be stored on a file or disc and be on the computer screen at the touch of a button whenever needed. Clifton dental can supply you with all the information you need about digital x-rays.