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Painful Wisdom Teeth and What Can Be Done About Them

At Clifton Dental Studio in the heart of Bristol we understand that wisdom teeth can be very painful. We carry out many extraction procedures and offer expert care for those suffering with painful wisdom teeth.

About the wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt. They are found in the corners of the mouth and are often painful because there is sometimes not enough space remaining in the jaw. If this is the case, the teeth will not be able to grow properly and they may start to grow at an angle, or against the neighbouring toot. This is known as an impacted tooth.

When is it advisable to remove a wisdom tooth?

It is advisable to remove a wisdom tooth if it is causing pain and discomfort, it has become impacted or it is decayed. The wisdom teeth are not essential for oral health and it is usually best to extract them if they are causing problems. In many cases, they develop without any issues, but they can be troublesome when there is a lack of space.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The extraction procedure for wisdom teeth is essentially the same as a normal tooth. However, often, there are complications due to the position and angle of the tooth. Our oral surgeons have expertise in dealing with complex cases and they use the latest techniques to reduce pain and achieve the best possible outcome. After wisdom tooth extraction, it is common to experience pain and swelling. We advise taking painkillers and avoiding hard foods for a period of time, while the gums heal and swelling dies down. Extraction is a daunting prospect for many and we offer sedation for nervous and phobic patients. Sedation helps patients to feel more relaxed during treatment and it is particularly beneficial for those who have a fear of pain and patients who have had a negative experience in the dental chair in the past.

Bath dentist offers solution to dental extraction

There are many reasons why people need dental extractions. This could be due either to suffering pain from a wisdom tooth or dental decay, the gums may be in bad condition causing the teeth to be loose and sore or simply because there is not enough room for the teeth and they are suffering from overcrowding issues. Whatever the reason, an extraction may be an option but of course, this is quite a serious procedure so your Bath dentist may explore other options before resorting to extractions. In the case of overcrowding this could be using a brace or other straightening device to align the teeth naturally. In terms of infected teeth, a root canal procedure can save the tooth from extraction if successfully carried out in time, but in some cases, there is just no alternative. Obviously, dentists don’t like to remove natural teeth but in the event they need to, you need to make sure you follow all their instructions for your own safety. This involves keeping teeth clean and healthy in the days and weeks prior to surgery, making sure you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol before and after surgery, and following any other specific advice your dentist may have. Following the extraction it may be quite painful and you are also at an increased risk of infection. This can result in further health complications so you need to be aware and contact your dentist immediately if you feel anything unusual. If you have had to have an extraction for reasons of dental health such as decay or infection, it is possible to have the tooth replaced with an artificial substitute such as a dental bridge or a dental implant. Ask your dentist about the restorative dental treatments following an extraction.

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