Teeth Whitening Choices in Chepstow

If you can smile with confidence and express yourself freely, it’s a great tonic for a healthy, stress free life. However, if you find yourself going into your shell because you are ashamed of your teeth, it can hold you up in life and it may be time to get an oral make over. Before you undertake any of the following, it’s important to make sure your teeth are healthy first- consulting your dentist would be wise before you undertake any teeth whitening programs. The most popular choice of whitening have come out of certain make-over shows on the television- namely laser bleaching. It takes one simple visit to the dentist, who in three sittings will cover your teeth in a gel and then cure it with a heat lamp, and it’s all over within a dinner hour- the most famous of which being ZOOM! Another great option is a 14 day Enlighten program. You get measured up for bleaching trays at the dentist, and when they arrive, you fill them with a bleaching agent and pop them in the mouth while you sleep. You may have noticed however, whilst shopping that similar home bleaching kits are popping up in many retail outlets and chemists. The beauty of this method is that they are not only cheap and affective, but you can bleach your teeth at home in your own time.