Terrific Tooth Coloured Fillings in Chepstow

If you’re looking for a terrific tooth-coloured filling this autumn, why not pop in and see us? Our white fillings are designed to preserve and strengthen teeth that have cavities. The procedure is simple and quick and you won’t be able to notice the filling at all!

The benefits of white fillings

White fillings blend in with the natural tooth shade and it’s impossible to detect them when you smile. With white fillings, the teeth look much healthier and more attractive than with metal fillings. We choose the closest shade of dental composite to the natural tooth to ensure a seamless finish.

In addition to providing natural looking aesthetics, white fillings are also strong and durable and they are considered much safer than mercury amalgam fillings.

We are able to replace mercury amalgam fillings, as well as placing new white fillings.

The procedure

When you have a filling, the procedure usually takes around one hour. Before treatment begins, we will use local anaesthetic to numb the tooth so you don’t feel any pain. When your tooth is numb, your dentist will drill into the tooth to remove decayed tissue from the cavity. The cavity is then cleaned to ensure that is free from harmful decay and reduce the risk of infection spreading through the tooth.

Once the cavity is completely clear, we will place the dental composite inside and shape it to fit the hole. The dental composite is soft and malleable at this stage, so we can mould it very easily. Once the cavity has been filled, a curing light is used to set the composite and make it firm. To finish off, your dentist will trim the composite to ensure it fits perfectly and looks great.

If you’d like to replace an old mercury filling or you’re interested in tooth-coloured fillings, call us and book your appointment now!