The effect of Diabetes on your Oral Health in Bristol

There are a lot of people in Bristol that suffer from diabetes, and at any time, that is enough to handle. But people with diabetes are also open to further suffering as the condition can lead to other complications around the body- and in the mouth too. The imbalance of sugar levels in the body weakens the immune system which leaves your mouth open to abuse from periodontal and gum disease, as the mouth is weakened when fighting off bacteria. What’s even more startling is that people with gum or periodontal disease may have their glucose levels damaged in the bloodstream, which will then bring on diabetes. As you can see, this is a pretty nasty merry-go-round to find yourself on. All you can do is ensure that you are on top of your diabetes problem and keep your mouth as healthy as it can be, and vice versa- if you show signs of disease in your mouth, then get it treated straight away. You need to be aware of all conditions relating to diabetes, so you should pop into the Clifton dental studio for a detailed breakdown of it and of gum disease as well.