The tech-mad Gadget Show team rolls into our very own Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol

Gadget show 2 - med res (2)Clifton Dental Studio, Bristol found itself the star of the show last week, when the practice was used in the filming of Channel 5’s Gadget Show. The clinic’s principal dentist, Dr. Neil Gerrard got to meet the lovely Suzy Perry, who had nothing but praise for the practice.

The Gadget Show is a popular programme that centres on the latest and greatest technology, with bizarre and extravagant challenges played out amongst its presenters guaranteed every programme. Thankfully, it was a nice and relaxed filming when The Gadget Show team strolled into our practice.

The segment filmed at Clifton Dental Studio’s Bristol dental practice featured a number of today’s best electric toothbrushes, which were tested and reviewed to find the champion of teeth cleaning!

Electric toothbrushes have for many years been hailed as the better alternative to manual brushes and are noted for the increased level of dental health they bring through their continual use. The movement of the brush is said to dislodge more plaque and massage gums and the smaller precision brush is able to reach difficult places, stopping the pile up of food debris and bacteria, which can cause decay.

The outcome of the review is still a top secret, but it may be well worth your time to tune in to the programme’s regular 8pm Monday slot and find the very best toothbrush for excellent oral health.