The truth about Mouthwashes in Chepstow

Every now and then, certain aspects of your oral hygiene come under scrutiny; products are checked to see if they actually do the job that they are supposed to. One such area that the jury is still out on though is the validity of mouthwashes, which raises the question of whether or not they actually work. Well, they don’t do any harm that’s for sure. Once you have scrubbed your teeth, gums and tongue and then flossed, using a mouthwash can just about kill off any residue of bacteria left in the mouth. Some of the cheaper variations of mouthwashes are questionable; however, all mouthwashes do have differing levels of chemicals in them that help to take the fight to bacteria and plaque. Other mouthwashes do other jobs; if you are recovering from some intricate treatment such as gum contouring, the fitting of a dental implant or have recently had a tooth removed. Using a medicated mouthwash can prevent the chances of infection breaking out during the healing process. A lot of mouthwashes have alcohol added to them and although this helps fight infection, too much use of these can actually make certain conditions worse in the case of bad breath and gum disease. It is a bit of a minefield, but you can make your own mind up on mouthwashes if you know all of the facts and in Chepstow, you can get all of the facts from the Clifton dental studio that is based in Bristol- just give them a call.