The truth about Root Canal Treatment in Weston-super-mare

Let’s start this by trying to dispel some of the urban legends that have sprung up around Weston-super-Mare about root canal treatment. Once upon a time in the days of yore and poor oral hygiene that was the cause of many a tooth to decay, dentists were still trying out new ideas to help ease the passage of their patients with their dental health. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. However some of it was also painful and that was because dentists had great ideas about doing things, they just didn’t have the right tools to do it with, which made things like root canals a bit ‘hit or miss’…literally, because the removal of infected roots can be difficult, not only because they grow in all manner of ways, but it could make getting in there with a drill almost impossible, which meant that dentists would have to come in through the side of the tooth, through the gum….Ouch! However, technology has now taken this medieval treatment and given it a welcome new lease of life, for the laser has arrived and it works wonderfully on previously awkward treatments like this. Once the dead pulp has been removed, the laser can get rid of the roots in seconds and painlessly too. Then the tooth can be capped with a beautiful new crown and you live together happily ever after. If you have any concerns about tooth decay. Or want to know about this and laser treatments, then you should call Clifton Dental in Bristol, as they cover this area of the West Country.