What Dental Implants can do for you in Bath

There are many ways to combat the problem of tooth loss: dental bridges and partial dentures (even full dentures) get over the problem well, but they do have limitations built into them, namely, they have a sell by date, they aren’t permanent and at some point, you will have to have them replaced; there is an alternative though that will see you through until the day you die- the dental implant. This involves placing a small titanium rod into the jawbone in order to house a new tooth, or in fact, several teeth. It is a simple process, but once the implant has been fitted, the body has to adjust to this foreign invasion and the mouth needs time to recover and heal. However, this has improved over the years because of laser/computer technology, and some rather unique healing techniques, and so, it means you can have this done and be ready to roll in a day. An implant is very durable and free from the infection that a normal root of a tooth is prone to. Getting an implant fitted is now common practise throughout Bath, and the new technology employed has made it easy to do, hence, it has become affordable to everyone. If you’d like to know more about costs, how you can pay for the treatment and what a dental implant can do for you, then get in touch with the Clifton dental studio of Bristol- because it truly is the ultimate way to recover from tooth loss.