What the Mini-implant does for you in Bath

3177562_blogWhen dental implant were coming into use, many, many years ago, part of the treatment involved using a mini-implant until the healing process allowed for the full implant to be fitted. Since those times, technology has taken a huge leap forward with laser treatments and the mini-implant has made a life all of its own in dental procedures. They are extremely easy to fit into the jaws these days and you can be up and running in just a day to help with a new fitting. Though they are great for fitting new incisor crowns into the mouth, they are superbly deployed when it comes to dental bridges or full dentures. They help to secure fittings strongly inside the mouth and they have been a revelation for people wearing dentures. Ask Clifton Dental in Bristol about having this treatment done, for they serve the Bath area and can give you advice on where you can go to have them fitted, what exactly is involved when they are fitted and just how you can pay for them. It is an option that will give your mouth freedom when fitted, so find out all you can about them.