Whitening the Yellow in Bristol

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist in Bristol to tell you how important your teeth are to you throughout your life, and all being well, you will do all you can to care for them. But you are only human; you can develop bad habits like a poor diet, smoking, drinking and the joy of partying and before long, your teeth may begin to suffer from discolouring- they may even turn yellow from all that staining. You are then however, lucky enough to be living in an age where problems like this are easily overcome. This is the age of teeth whitening and there are lots of ways you can go about doing this. The easiest route you can take is to pop along to your dentists for a bit of laser whitening; this is fairly cheap at around £100, it’s over with in and hour and your teeth will look absolutely stunning. But there are cheaper alternatives; for about £25 you can by a kit, bleach and trays included, that you can use to whiten your teeth yourself. Even now it gets simpler and cheaper; your can get bleaching pens and strips to touch up just bits of your smile that need it. But truly the phenomenon of the modern world is whitening toothpastes. You have to brush your teeth daily anyway, so why not use toothpaste that also whitens as it goes along- it works well and it will put a sparkle back into your smile. For more information of all avenues open to you to get your teeth whitened, simply pop along to the Clifton dental studio for a chat.