Chepstow dentist manufactures Cerec crown in minutes while you wait

Dental crowns, inlays and veneers are some of the most useful and versatile dental treatments. Not only do they protect teeth from damage but they also restore the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. In the past, manufacturing these ceramic restorations involved a lengthy process of dental moulds, x-rays and fabrication in a laboratory. The whole process from initial consultation to fitting of the crown could take several appointments and several weeks.

However, a new technology called Cerec is revolutionising the way dentists make ceramic restorations and clearly points the way forward in terms of modern dentistry. Cerec relies on the information provided by digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging. This allows the dentist a full 3D view of the patient’s teeth on which to design the new crown or veneer.

When satisfied, they can then select the right shade and consistency of enamel and instruct a computer-guided mill to sculpt the new tooth cap. This whole milling process can take as little as six minutes per tooth and allows the whole procedure to be carried out in just one appointment.

Cerec is cutting edge technology and is available now at Chepstow dentists. It has drastically cut waiting and treatment times for all patients, meaning fewer appointments are needed and that you can have the dental work you require carried out as soon as possible.

Cerec made crowns, veneers and inlays are also incredibly strong as they are made from a single piece of porcelain as opposed to several layers. This kind of pioneering technology has many possible uses in dentistry and it is expected that soon, all dental restorations will be manufactured in this way.

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