Clifton Dental explains the choices with Cosmetic Dentistry in Swindon

They say in Swindon ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ and pretty much, that phrase could be said about the amount of amazing cosmetic procedures around to patch up your mouth as well. Cosmetic dentistry is big business and rightly so: it is a honed profession offering lots of choices that will give you that Hollywood glitz. Taking into account that your teeth may already be in good shape, all you may require is some bleaching and this can either be done at home by you using pens brushes, bleaching strips or a complete bleaching kit, or by your dentist, who can blast your teeth white with the latest laser treatments. This however will not cover up stuff like cracking in the enamel, chipped teeth or gaps: for this you need to turn to bonding or veneers to do the job. Tooth replacement has also got easier over the years: dental implants with crowns, bridges or partial dentures are a great way of plugging up the gaps and making your smile complete once more. But this would be rather futile if you are getting on in years, having the work done and then having wrinkly old lips framing your smile. Fortunately, your dentist can inject a bit of botox into them and smooth out signs of ageing. It’s a great time for you and cosmetic dentistry and if you would like to know more, you can contact Clifton Dental in Bristol.