Discover the incredible possibilities of modern braces at Bath dentist

Braces are becoming ever more popular for straightening teeth in the UK. In an age when appearances matter more then ever, being comfortable with you teeth and your smile is very important for retaining confidence and self-esteem. Having misaligned or crooked teeth can be difficult and cause many patients, especially those in their difficult teenage years, to feel slightly embarrassed.

Orthodontic braces have been used for many years by Bath dentists but they are now more widely available to all patients, and also more affordable. There are a number of different types of treatments to choose from which vary in price, duration of treatment, visual impact and comfort. Many people are unaware of the choice on offer, believing the traditional fixed metal braces to be the only option.

For patients wishing to disguise the fact they have braces, there is Invisalign. These clear plastic braces are almost impossible to see when in the mouth. This means that patients can go about their lives not having to feel self-conscious about their braces. They are also completely removable making them ideal for patients who may need to remove them for important business or social occasions.

As well as invisible braces, there are also braces with a significantly reduced visual impact. Treatments such as Damon braces and Six Month Smile use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to lessen the appearance of braces. They are also both more comfortable causing far less irritation to the soft tissue of the mouth.

The most impressive improvement in virtually all orthodontic treatments is the duration. Most traditional brace treatments last between sixteen and eighteen months (they can even be longer) but the more modern braces and aligners can achieve results in only a fraction of that time, in some cases as much as 75% faster. Ask your dentist about the possibilities of modern braces.

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