Good oral hygiene makes Weston-super-Mares dentist’s job easier

From an early age we are always taught that if we look after our teeth then they will look after us. Our parents teach us the importance of brushing and flossing and that if we do that correctly we can avoid much unnecessary dental treatment in the future. It seems like such a simple deal to make; clean your teeth and they will stay healthy. Yet it seems by the increase in cases of tooth decay and the fact that 90 per cent of adults in this country will suffer gum disease at some point in their life, that we are perhaps forgetting the valuable childhood lessons.

Effective oral hygiene takes place mostly at home but should also include a six-monthly visit to a Weston-super-Mare dentist for a check up. They can make sure that your teeth are in good condition and outline any action you need to take to clean them more effectively.

A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing twice a day for three minutes. This should ideally be done with a soft-bristled brush angled at forty-five degrees to the gums. If possible, you should brush your teeth after every meal for the best chance of removing plaque and bacteria but this may not always be feasible. Flossing should be performed carefully once a day. This will help to remove bacteria from the tiny spaces between the teeth and also stimulate the gums around the base of the teeth. Your dentist may also advise you to use a tongue scraper or other dental implement such as an inter-dental brush.

Looking after your teeth well should only take you a couple of extra minutes a day. By following the few simple rules laid out for you by a dentist you will hopefully have to see a lot less of them in the future, only stopping in once every six-months for a quick check and a chat.

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