How the Inman Aligner Works in Swindon

The Inman Aligner is a popular orthodontic treatment that offers a contemporary alternative to traditional braces, for patients with minor issues that affect the front teeth. This treatment works fast and could be the perfect choice for you if you’re seeking a rapid remedy for mild crowding, small spaces or minor misalignment.

What is the Inman Aligner?

This removable straightening appliance aligns the teeth using unique forces. There are two main components, a metal bar and a coiled spring. These parts produce forces that push and pull the teeth, allowing them to move in the appropriate direction. The aligner sits on the teeth and only visible part is a thin metal bar, which runs along the front teeth.

This innovative treatment works by generating gentle forces to re-position and re-align the teeth. As the aligner is removable, you can continue to eat and brush your teeth as normal.

How long does treatment take?

This is one of the speediest solutions around and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you notice results. Within weeks, you will be able to see changes, and most cases are complete within just 4 months.

Am I a good match for the Inman Aligner?

This treatment is ideal for patients who have minor problems that require a small amount of movement. It is geared towards treating issues with the front teeth, such as slightly crooked teeth or mild crowding. This system can also be hugely beneficial to treat cases of relapse when the teeth move out of position following previous treatment. To find out if you are a good candidate for the Inman Aligner, simply call and book a consultation.