Porcelain Veneers and the art of looking fabulous in Bath

Bath’s a fabulously beautiful city and so should you be, and if you can beam a smile like a shooting star, you’re half way there. Cosmetic dentistry is very affordable days, so there’s no excuse for you to star hiding away your teeth and losing your self confidence over a bit of wear, a few gaps or the odd crack or two- get down to your dentist and ask about porcelain veneers, for these have an incredible affect on the way you smile. Porcelain exudes light naturally, giving off an amazing hue- just take a look at any sculpture made from this material. It’s strong too, making it the perfect way to cover up any flaws in your teeth. It’s such a simple procedure to have done- essentially after your dentist has had a quick look at your mouth, prepared the teeth and taken a few impressions and moulds, they are sent away so that your veneers can be sculptured and then, once they arrive in the post, they are simply cemented into place. Once the bonding is complete, the porcelain trebles in strength that means, if you behave yourself and look after them, your looking at a good 10 years of use. But if you want to start smiling before the treatment even begins, take a look at the price- they are even available on the NHS.