Straighten teeth without spoiling your appearance with Invisalign from Swindon dentist

Nearly three quarters of all people asked in a recent survey were afraid to smile in photos because of the appearance of their teeth. There are many dental issues that make people embarrassed by their teeth. It could be due to an obvious feature such as a missing tooth or discoloured teeth, but more often than not it is the alignment of the teeth that causes the problem.

Crooked or unevenly spaced teeth can really ruin the appearance of otherwise perfectly healthy teeth but there are several orthodontic straightening devices that could easily remedy this problem. One of the most recent innovations is Invisalign invisible braces. Developed by Align technologies in the US, Invisalign braces aim to straighten teeth with the minimum visual impact. The braces were designed in response to one of the most common complaints about fixed metal braces; namely that they spoiled the appearance of the teeth for up to three years before the results could be seen.

This was often a significant problem, especially for teenagers and young adults going through a very sensitive time of their life. Invisalign works by utilising a series of clear plastic retainers. Each retainer is worn for a period of about two to three weeks before another one replaces it. Each new retainer makes a subtle adjustment aimed to gradually move the teeth into position. In all, about twenty-five retainers will be needed to complete the treatment. This makes an average treatment time of about 18 months, roughly six-months shorter than the average treatment time for traditional braces.

The low visible impact of Invisalign, combined with the fact that the braces are removable is making them a very popular choice at Swindon dentists.

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