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Routine Visits to the Dentist Will Help Keep Your Oral Health in Check

We all know that our teeth are one of the most important parts of our bodies. Why not, when they are the key element to a dazzling smile, and who doesn’t want one of those? But, in order to make sure that your smile is perfect you should have a regular check-up, because even though your smile may look good to you there may be serious underlying problems. These can have a prominent effect on the teeth and ruin your smile later on.

The routine dental visit

When you have finished eating, plaque starts to build up on the teeth within 15 minutes. If this is not removed thoroughly and effectively then it can lead to tooth decay, which will flourish if not treated correctly. Tooth decay is the most common of all disorders and, believe it or not, is second only to the common cold. It is caused due to the acid of the plaque left on the teeth liquefying the enamel and this then leads to cavities (holes) in the teeth, which result in tooth decay. These cavities can be painless and remain undetected at first but can result in the nerve and blood vessels in the tooth being destroyed. Ultimately, it can result in the loss of your tooth and a great deal of pain.


If you go for regular dental check-ups then this can be avoided, because cavities can be detected in their early stages during a routine check-up, as they may show up on x-rays before they are even detectable to the naked eye. There are other issues as well, such as periodontitis and gingivitis, which can occur by not treating your teeth properly. You may not even be aware of them until it is too late. So make sure you make regular visits to your dentist to keep your teeth in check, because you don’t want to lose that wonderful smile now do you?

Dare you duck a Dental Check-up in Bath?

A lot of people may well question the need for repetitive dental check-ups in Bath because all the products on the market promise to protect you from problems such as plaque- well they don’t promise anything of the sort and to sit there after cleaning your teeth and think ‘job done’ is sheer bloody minded ignorance. Bad things multiply very quickly in the mouth, things that you can’t see and you will only realise this when you have pains shooting through your teeth; a dentist would be able to have spotted this had you bothered to go for a check-up- and then fixed it. The point of a dental check-up is to ensure your mouth is operating properly, and that there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease setting in. The dentist can then clean your teeth, removing any tartar form around the base of the teeth and gums, and then give you a polish before you leave. But if you were to ask anyone at Clifton dental, this isn’t just how you should see a dental check-up. You don’t see your dentist that often so this is the time to talk about any concerns that you may have concerning your mouth; talk about oral hygiene, talk about cosmetic dentistry- this is the time to get things off your chest and if they are seriously worrying you, don’t just wait for your next check-up, get in straight away- after all, it’s your oral health that is on the line.  

Patients from Bath remember the importance of dental check-ups at Clifton Dental Studio

Most people from Bath and generally around the UK assume that you have to get a dental check up every six months. However, at Clifton Dental Studio we would say that everyone is different. You should ask your dentist what they think as some people need more frequent checks, others do not need to visit as often as this. It all depends how healthy your teeth and gums are. It usually ranges from every three months to every two years that we would recommend. Having a check up is important to your teeth in the same way as an MOT is for your car. It makes sure that any problems you may have do not go unnoticed or untreated and provides a little peace of mind. It should assist in ensuring that treatment is carried out at the earliest opportunity before further damage is caused. It is certainly nothing to be scared of! A check up usually entails your dentist examining your mouth, gums and teeth and asking about the general state of your health and any issues you may have had with your teeth since your last visit. Your dentist will usually also help by giving you advice on how best to look after your teeth. For example, your diet, alcohol use and teeth cleaning habits may be discussed. Then he’ll finish off by setting an approximate time for your next visit. At Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol we frequently have patients telling us they wish they had come in earlier but they had put off a visit. Commonly, excuses are made about not having enough time and sometimes, although they do not want to admit it, people are a bit scared of going to the dentist. The outcome is, however, always worse if you wait. So, stop procrastinating and visit your dentist!  

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